Marleyan Vs Eldian

Marleyan Vs Eldian: A Battle of Perspectives

In the world of Attack on Titan, the conflict between Marleyans and Eldians has been a recurring theme. While the distinction between the two is quite apparent, their battle is more often shrouded in controversy and confusion. In this article, we will explore the differences between the two tribes, their perspectives, and the driving factors behind their ongoing rivalry.


To understand the differences between Marleyans and Eldians, let us first start with the latter. Eldians are the native tribe of the Paradis Island, a landmass surrounded by three walls which shields them from the Titans, giant humanoid creatures that devour humans. Eldians have a unique trait – the ability to transform into Titans when they come in contact with the spinal fluid of a Titan. However, this power comes at a cost; prolonged use can significantly shorten their lifespan. Eldians are also considered a rare commodity and are persecuted by the world because of their power.

In Attack on Titan, the Eldians represent the protagonists, especially the Survey Corps, a unit of soldiers tasked with exploring the outside world and defending the inhabitants of Paradis Island. The Eldians view themselves as a misunderstood people and are fighting not only to protect themselves but also to gain acceptance from the rest of the world.


On the other hand, the Marleyans are the ruling class in the world of Attack on Titan. They are a majority race that controls most of the landmass outside of Paradis Island. The Marleyans see the Eldians as a threat because of their powers, which they believe have the potential to destroy the world. They have systematically oppressed and subjugated Eldians, using them as weapons in their war of conquest.

Despite their power, the Marleyans consider themselves the underdogs in their rivalry with the world’s other nations. They believe that the Eldians are the cause of their current situation and their economic and political decline. By harnessing the power of Eldians, they can become a superpower and reshape the world according to their own terms.

The Perpetual Rivalry

The rivalry between the two tribes has the potential to change the course of history. While Eldians seek peace and acceptance, Marleyans view the Eldians as a tool for their ambitions. This conflict drives the story of Attack on Titan and shows the audience the impact of a pervasive racism and power abuse.

In conclusion, the tale of Marleyans Vs. Eldians is not just a struggle between two tribes, but it is a battle for perspective. The two tribes represent the fear and power dynamics we see in our modern-day world. Eldians are a representation of those who are different from the majority, which is often feared and persecuted. On the other hand, Marleyans stand for those who have power, whether or not it is being used for good or bad. The story of Attack on Titan allows us to reflect on our own lives and see how fear and ambition can drive us to the brink of destruction.

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