Magnetic Force vs. Electric Force

There are two major forces that are present on earth as a gift of nature known as the Magnetic forces and electric forces. As the name speaks itself, this is the Electric forces which occur just because of the electric charges. On the other side, the magnetic forces are the forces which are created because of the magnetic dipoles. These are the Electric forces and the magnetic forces which when combine will form the electromagnetic force that is known to be one of the four basic forces of nature. The ideology of the magnetic forces and electric forces are the hot topics in various sorts of fields including the mechanics, electromagnetic, electrostatics, magnetostatic and different areas related to physics. Both of these forces are attractive in nature and it is not an easy task to differentiate between them. For this intention, the Difference between Magnetic Force and Electric Force is presented here. Every magnet has specific area around it in which you can check its force within which magnetic force is brought into play, known as the magnet field of that magnetic. The presence and strength of the magnetic fields are different depending on the power of the magnet. These are the “magnetic flux lines” which denotes this strength. These are the line that shows the direction of the magnetic field. In order to examine the Electric force, you need to check the influence of the electric fields that is present around the particles bearing the electric charge. When you critically examine the features of the moving charges, you will come to know that they contain both a magnetic and an electric field at the same time. This is the main cause that the magnetic and electric forces are related to each other. In every situation where both the magnetic and electric forces are associated with each other is known as the electromagnetic field where both of them move at right angles to each other while working independently. If the electric field is not present, you can find the magnetic field only in the shape of the permanent magnets. But the electric field is present in the shape of the static electricity when the magnetic field is not there.

What is Magnetic Force?

The power of a magnet is known as the magnetic force of that magnet. For making a magnet, you need to have current that you have to utilize on metals made of iron. When you enhance the amount of current flowing in a metal made of iron such as rod, the level of magnetic field will increase that can be measured in milli Gauss (mG). The basic units for measuring the strength of the magnetic force are represented by the gauss and Tesla. If you wish to detect the magnetic field of a magnet, you have to examine the force that this magnet is exerting on other magnetic particles and moving electric charges. Every magnetic material is well equipped with the magnetic field that can be detected around. The magnetic field is known to be a vector field as well due to the reason that you are able to find a specific direction and magnitude in it. To generate the Magnetic force, you need to employ two magnets. If you utilize a magnet, a magnetic material, or a wire containing the current for placing it at an external magnetic field then the Magnetic forces are created. Every magnet has two poles popular with the names of South Pole and North Pole. If you take the similar Pole near to each other, they will repulse each other and vice versa.

What is Electric Force?

These are the electric charges which are responsible for the creation of the Electric forces. The electric charges have two types known as the positive and negative. For the sake of describing the electric charge, the electric field associated with it has to be checked. The process of making an electric field requires all electric charges including the moving and stationary charges. Another way of producing an electric field is to make variations in the magnetic fields. The estimation of the electric force on a point charge having the q charge when placed inside an electric field can be shown in the form of F = V q. From the term of V in this formula, we mean the potential at that point. The nature of the Electric forces is either attractive or repulsive. In the case when both the charges are of the same type that is either negative or positive, then the appearance of the forces will be repulsive. You will obtain the attractive forces if the charges are different. All the electric fields contain the forces which are proportional to the amount of electric charges present inside these fields in the similar direction. In order to calculate the strength of the Electric field, you need to employ the unit of volts per meter (V/m). The electric fields are essentially the forces fields which are generated around the area near the electrically charged particles that can be expressed by the Newton per Coulomb or Volts per Meter.

Key Differences

  1. From the term of electric field, we mean a field of force that is surrounded around a charged particle. In contrast, the magnetic field is also a field of force but it is surrounded around a permanent magnet, or artificially made magnets such as the moving charged particles.
  2. You have to depend on the Newtons per Coulomb, or Volts per meter for expressing the strength of the strength of an electric field. The Gauss or Tesla is the units used for expressing a magnetic field strength.
  3. For the estimate of the force of an electric field, you only need to check the electric charge because the electric field force is proportional to it. Having the info of the electric charge in addition to the speed of the moving charge is essential for the calculation of the magnetic field.
  4. Both of these fields are oscillated at right angles to one another.
  5. The production of the electric fields requires the presence of the voltage and thus, can be found easily around the appliances and wires where the voltage is present. On the other hand, the magnetic fields are created around a moving electric charge and a magnet.

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