Low Cheekbones Ethnicity

Low Cheekbones Ethnicity: Understanding What It Means

Cheekbones have been a defining feature of human beauty for centuries. High cheekbones are generally seen as attractive and add definition to our faces, whereas low cheekbones are considered less desirable. However, when it comes to low cheekbones, ethnicity can play an important role in what it means for the people who possess them.

Low Cheekbones – What Are They?

Cheekbones are the bony protrusions that can be found on the sides of our faces, just below our eyes. They help to give the face its shape and structure. Low cheekbones refer to cheekbones that sit lower on the face. They can create less definition and less of an angular appearance than high cheekbones do.

Low Cheekbones Ethnicity – What Does It Mean?

Low cheekbones are typically associated with certain ethnic groups. For example, people with Eastern European, African, and Native American heritage are more likely to have lower cheekbones than those with Asian or Caucasian heritage. This can create very distinctive facial features and is often considered part of one’s cultural identity.

Low Cheekbones And Genetic Traits

As with many physical features, low cheekbones are often passed down through families. Certain gene mutations can affect the development of cheekbones, leading to a lower or flatter appearance. However, it is not always a clear-cut genetics-based issue, as the environment and lifestyle also play an important role in determining the shape of the face.

Low Cheekbones And Facial Aging

Low cheekbones, particularly in older people, can also cause the appearance of saggy, drooping cheeks. This is due to a decrease in facial volume and a loss of elasticity in the skin. This can lead to an aged and tired appearance, which can be difficult to hide with makeup or other cosmetic treatments.

Low Cheekbones – Beauty Standards

While beauty standards may vary from culture to culture, high cheekbones are generally considered attractive across the board. The reason being, high cheekbones create an angular and defined facial structure, which many consider aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s important to remember that beauty standards are often tied to specific cultural and historical influences.

Accentuating Low Cheekbones With Makeup And Surgery

For individuals who are unhappy with their low cheekbones, there are several ways to enhance them. With makeup, individuals can contour their face using shades of highlighter and bronzer to create the illusion of higher cheekbones. However, this is only a temporary fix.

Surgical procedures such as cheekbone augmentation are effective options for those seeking more long-lasting results. Cheekbone augmentation is a surgical procedure where implants are placed over the cheekbone to give a more defined and contoured appearance. This is typically done under general anesthesia and is considered an invasive procedure.


Low cheekbones and ethnicity are intricately linked, with certain ethnicities predisposed to having less-defined cheekbones. While high cheekbones may be more desirable, it is important to embrace one’s unique features and cultural identity. Cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures are options for those unhappy with their low cheekbones, but individuals should always do extensive research and consult with a qualified professional before undergoing any invasive procedure. Ultimately, low cheekbones do not have to detract from one’s overall beauty and personality. It’s important to remember that everyone is beautiful in their own way.