Longitude vs. Latitude

The concept of a Longitude is employed to make reference to the particular long lines across the world as well as a map relating to the north as well as the South Pole. The word Latitude is applied in order to make reference to the lateral lines across the world stretching out in between east and west.

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Longitude vs. Latitude

The system associated with a way of measuring both for Latitude and Longitude is usually degrees. The Equator is at zero degrees  Latitude considering the furthest from the equator. Towards north  Latitude would certainly symbolize the North Pole even though towards the south 90 might indicate the South Pole. Both these lines are imaginary to understand the differences of time zones and distance differences

Contents: Difference between Longitude and Latitude

What is Longitude?

Longitude can be described as regional coordinate which describes the east-west location of the point within the Earth’s surface. It is really an angular way of measuring, generally indicated in degrees as well as denoted by the Greek letter lambda Meridians (lines running from your the North Pole towards the South Pole) hook up points with similar longitude. Through established practice, one of these simple, the Prime Meridian, which goes through the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England, ended up being allotted the location of zero degrees longitude.

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The longitude associated with other locations is usually calculated because of the angle east or even west from your Prime Meridian, covering anything from 0° at the Prime Meridian to +180° eastward and also -180° westward. Particularly, stands out as the angle coming from a plane that contains the Prime Meridian along with a plane containing the North Pole, South Pole and the location in question

What is Latitude?

Imaginary lines running horizontally around the globe are called latitude. Sometimes they are also known as the parallels. Latitude lines are equidistant from each other. Each degree of latitude is almost 69 miles or from 111km to 112km apart. Latitudes lines run East and west and measure North and south. Latitude is measured from zero to ninety degrees North and zero to ninety degrees south. Ninty degree North is the north pole ninety degrees south is the south pole.

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Key Differences between Longitude and Latitude

  1. Imaginary lines running horizontally around the globe are called latitude whereas imaginary lines running vertically around the globe are longitudes
  2. Latitude is also called parallels whereas the longitudes are called the meridians
  3. Latitude lines are equidistant from each other whereas meridians meet at the poles and are widest apart from the equator
  4. Zero degrees latitude is the equator whereas zero degrees longitude is called the prime meridian
  5. Latitude lines run East and west and measure North and south whereas longitude lines run North and south and measure East and west
  6. Latitude is denoted by the Greek letter phi (Φ) whereas longitude is denoted by the Greek letter lambda (λ)
  7. All the locations which are in the common latitude lie in the same hemisphere of the earth either northern or southern whereas in longitudes locations which are common in longitude could be in different hemispheres
  8. Same latitude points do not compulsory fall in same time zone but, on the other hand, all locations which are on the same longitude fall in the same time zone.
  9. Latitude has 180 number of lines whereas longitude has 360 number of lines
  10. Notable lines of latitude are The Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn whereas notable lines of longitude are Greenwich Meridian
  11. The distance between two adjacent lines of latitude is constant that is 111Km whereas distance between two adjacent lines of longitude get smaller till it gets to zero at poles
  12. In latitude lines are used for measuring distances whereas in Longitudes lines are used for measuring local times.

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