Login vs Logon

Login, logon and sign-in are the terms used to access any operating system and website by using an authenticated or registered username and password. Many people thinks that both are same terms with same meanings. To some extent they are right because apparently there looks no difference between them. But if you go in to depth of both terms, you will find some differences between them. Although they are very minor and little but still there are some factors that makes them different from each other.

What is Login?

Login is a security gate, via which you enter into a restricted website by showing your already registered  username and password. Many websites like Facebook, Gmail, Outlook and other social and job search websites makes it compulsory for users to have an account and login to that account for accessing the account. In fact, it is a kind of pass. Most of the login username accounts are made through the already registered Gmail, Outlook or Yahoomail accounts. Although you can transfer your account to other user but accessing the account from that two username is not possible.

Login vs Logon

What is Logon?

Logon is a term, which is specially used for Windows Operating System and Database Management Systems accounts. If a computer or laptop is password protected then you are required to have a password to access into system. Unlike login, username is not required in logon because your administrator name is used as a username and it is prewritten on to logon screen. All you need is just a valid saved password. Benefit of logon is that you can create many users for the same operating system and they will be like a guest in operating system.

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Key Differences between Login and Logon

  1. Login is wholly associated with websites and online accounts. While logon is used for already existed Windows Operating System.
  2. There is no need of username in logon because your administrator name will be automatically used as username ID while there is requirement of a proper user ID or name in case of login.
  3. Most of the username or ID in login are based on already existed Gmail, Outlook or Yahoomail accounts while you don’t required to have all these accounts for logon.
  4. Two things are required to login to any site or setup, one a username and other a password. While in logon you are required to insert password only.
  5. Same username or ID are not possible on a single website. You are not allowed to make ID on the name of pre-existed username or ID. While there is no restriction in logon. If my system user name is Sharp Core than millions of operating system can use the same administrator or user name.
  6. Hacking logon account is more easy than login because all you need is just a password. While in login you are required to have both username and password.
  7. Account protection system in login is more durable and complex than logon. Today many sites makes it compulsory to use password consists upon lower case & upper case letter and a numerical key. While logon doesn’t requires the same. It is up to you how much you can protect your account.
  8. Minimum one digit or alphabet is enough for creating logon password. But in case of login minimum 6 to 8 letters are required to create the password.