Leopard Print Vs Cheetah Print

Leopard Print Vs Cheetah Print: The Ultimate Comparison

Animal prints have always been a popular fashion trend, and the two most popular prints are leopard and cheetah. Both prints offer a unique appeal to fashion enthusiasts, making them a staple in the fashion industry. However, there are many differences between these two prints, and understanding these differences can help make informed fashion choices.

Leopard print is arguably the most popular animal print in fashion, characterized by a mix of black, brown, and orange hues with circular spots. Cheetah print, on the other hand, is characterized by more irregular spots that are solid black, brown, or gold against a tan background. To the untrained eye, the two prints might look similar, but there are many differences between the two.

Color and Pattern

The most apparent difference between leopard and cheetah prints is the color of the spots. In Leopard prints, the spots are circular and tan or beige with black spots inside the circle. Cheetah print, on the other hand, has an irregular pattern, with solid black or brown spots on tan or beige.

Leopard prints spots are universal, and every animal has the same pattern, while cheetah spots vary from animal to animal. The reason for this is that every cheetah spot is unique to the animal to provide excellent camouflage in their native habitats. This unique feature of cheetah prints makes them more difficult to replicate in fashion.

Size and Scale of Prints

Another fundamental difference is the size and scale of the prints. Leopard print has a smaller and more compact pattern, while cheetah prints have larger, spaced-out patterns. This size difference is due to the distribution of spots on the animals. A leopard has a greater density of spots than a cheetah, and this translates into the prints’ pattern.

In Fashion, leopard prints are preferred for a subtle look, while cheetah prints make a statement. A leopard print scarf, bag, or shoes can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, while a cheetah print coat or dress can take center stage and make a bold fashion statement.

Texture and Feel

The texture and feel of the prints on the fabric are another significant difference between the two prints. Leopard prints are often found on fabrics like velvet, silk, or synthetic blends that have a smooth and luxurious texture, while cheetah prints are more commonly found on cotton, spandex, or other fabrics with a slightly rougher surface.

In essence, leopard prints are suitable for a more subdued or classic ensemble, while cheetah prints are better suited for more casual, street-style outfits.

Occasions and Acceptability

Leopard prints have been around for a longer time and are widely accepted in many formal and informal events. Leopard prints can be seen in office wear, cocktail dresses, casual attires, and even evening gowns. Cheetah prints, on the other hand, are seen as more informal, making them more acceptable in casual or street-style outfits.

Leopard prints may not be acceptable in conservative workplaces, but cheetah prints can be deemed too scandalous in many formal settings. The Occasion, therefore, determines which print is best suited for which setting.


Here are answers to some of the most common questions about leopard and cheetah prints.

1. Which print is more expensive, leopard or cheetah?
Leopard prints are generally more expensive than cheetah prints. This price difference is because leopard prints are more difficult to replicate, and the unique circular pattern requires more accuracy.

2. Can I mix and match leopard and cheetah prints?
Yes, you can mix and match leopard and cheetah prints, but it requires a level of skill in doing so. A general rule of thumb is to mix prints with similar shades and color palettes. However, this style is not recommended for formal settings.

3. Can I wear leopard or cheetah prints to the office?
Leopard prints can be acceptable in office wear if worn in moderation, like in a dress, skirt or scarf. Cheetah prints are not always accepted, but they can be paired with solid-colored pieces to balance out the outfit.

4. Can I wear leopard or cheetah prints to a wedding?
Leopard prints can be worn to weddings as long as they don’t stand out too much. However, cheetah prints are not recommended for such formal events due to their more casual nature.

In Conclusion

Leopard and cheetah prints are two of the most popular animal prints in fashion. Understanding their differences concerning color, pattern, texture, and occasion can help make better choices when incorporating these prints into a wardrobe. Leopard prints are more classic and subtle, while cheetah prints add drama and statement to any outfit. Ultimately, both prints can be used to add a pop of style and personality to any look.