Leopard Print And Cheetah Print

Leopard Print And Cheetah Print: The Ultimate Guide

Leopard print and cheetah print have been in fashion for ages. They are some of the most popular animal prints used in the clothing and accessories industry. Both these prints exude an air of boldness, flamboyance, and playfulness that make them easy to incorporate into anyone’s wardrobe.

But what distinguishes leopard print from cheetah print, and how do you style them? These questions need answers, and this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on both leopard print and cheetah print.

Leopard Print

Leopard print has been a classic trend since the 20th century. The jungle-inspired print is characterized by dark, bold spots in various sizes and shapes, spreading over a light, tan background. Leopard print is intrinsic to the fashion world and is commonly available in clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Leopard print has a wild and edgy appeal that effortlessly elevates any outfit. It infuses a discreet but significant amount of flair and mystery to your outfit, making it perfect to wear to a night out or a brunch with friends. The versatility of leopard print makes it an all-time favorite for fashion lovers.

Styling Tips

– Choose leopard print clothing or accessories that complement your skin tone. For instance, if you have a warm skin tone, go for leopard prints that are on the warmer side, such as gold, brown, or deep reds.

– When wearing a leopard print, try limiting it to one item, such as a dress or jacket, to avoid overwhelming your look.

– Inject a splash of color to your leopard print outfit with bold accessories such as red, blue, or green heels.

– For a chic office look, pair a tailored leopard print blazer with black trousers or a pencil skirt.

Cheetah Print

Cheetah print, also known as leopard print’s warmer cousin, features smaller, more uniform spots that are closer in tone to amber. It is characterized by black spots on cinnamon or paprika-colored backgrounds. Cheetah print is versatile, playful, and bold, perfect for an effortless, trendy look.

Cheetah prints are often trendy on skinny jeans, shoes, and scarfs, giving a classic twist to the outfit. It’s an excellent animal print if you’re looking for something understated but still stylish.

Styling Tips

– Cheetah print pairs perfectly with denim, black, or white. For instance, pair your cheetah print top with a pair of denim jeans, wedges, or statement platform heels.

– If you’re wearing cheetah print with a neutral outfit, accessories such as red or navy blue, a belt or purse would add a pop of color.

– To create a contrast, pair your cheetah print outfit with a bold color such as red or royal blue to make the cheetah print stand out.

– Cheetah print can be worn in the office, but avoid bold cheetah prints. Instead, opt for soft, muted prints and pair them with neutral hues.

Choosing the right print style

When choosing between leopard print and cheetah print, it is essential to match the print style to the occasion. Both prints offer a bold and playful option for statement pieces. Leopard print works great with edgier outfits, while cheetah print is a more subtle option.

Deciding which print is best for you ultimately comes down to personal preference, but it’s good to keep in mind the occasion, the outfit, and your skin tone when choosing. Learning how to rock the print can be intimidating, but when done right, it can create stunning and unforgettable outfits that are sure to turn heads.


Leopard print and cheetah print are two of the most popular animal prints that remain a classic trend in the fashion industry. Leopard print offers a bold and edgy look, perfect for a night out, whereas cheetah print offers a more subtle option for those who want to dip into the animal print trend.

Both prints are versatile and can be styled in countless ways to create unique and stunning outfits. The key to the perfect look with animal prints is to match your skin tone, choose the right style, and accessorize the outfit tastefully. These prints add a playful and bold touch to any wardrobe, and when worn correctly, can turn an ordinary outfit into a statement look that is unforgettable.