Knowledge vs. Intelligence

With increasing trend of specialization and departmentalization, the terms that like same, are confusing day by day. Apparently, the term knowledge and intelligence like same but the reality is different. We cannot mix-up both as many points makes both the terms different. Let us understand them one by one before revealing the difference.

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Contents: Difference between Knowledge and Intelligence

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is the collection of data or information obtain through experiences, education and environment. It is about knowing the things, which can be physical or conceptualizes. It is a powerful weapon of man. It becomes possible through knowledge that man exposed the secrets of earth. In addition, the destination is not over. Man is revealing everyday new planets and galaxies. Through knowledge, we become able to raise our standard of living. Man is greater than other creatures due to knowledge. Knowledge is necessary for personal development and for society. By getting more knowledge, you become even brighter than before. According to Confucius, “To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge”.

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What is Intelligence?

The abilities to plan or create an idea, solve a problem, be logical in your creativity and make favorable results in a bad situation.  Intelligence is a term, which is totally associated with the mind and your ability to use your brain. You cannot borrow this quality. Like fingerprints, no two man are not equal mentally. Their ability to understand complex issues and solving difficulties will be entirely different from each other. It is the ability to go into the depth of the situation and comes with a solution. An intelligent always learn from the mistake of others and always observes others.

Key Differences between Knowledge and Intelligence

  1. Knowledge is the acceptance of facts. Intelligence is implementation of those facts wisely and perfectly.
  2. Two students of same class are gaining same knowledge. Therefore, their knowledge and information can be same but that does not mean that their approach toward knowledge will be same. Their intelligence will creates different result.
  3. Knowledge comes through books, materials, research or conferences. It is an ever-learning process. Intelligence is sometimes present into your gens. Some people are naturally intelligent.
  4. Knowledge is about asking or learning anything. Intelligence is about doing the right things and asking for right things.
  5. Knowledge tells about a situation and problem and how it is happened. Intelligence is associated with achieving the possible outcomes from the situation.
  6. Knowledge is what we already know. Intelligence is the proper implementation of the acquired knowledge.
  7. Knowledge is the vehicle and intelligence is the fuel that drives it. Knowledge is saying mud the mud. Intelligence is making home from those mud. It is about commonsense which is not common.
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