Jordan Mids Vs High

When it comes to sneakers, Michael Jordan’s “Jumpman” logo is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. Since the release of the first Air Jordan in 1985, the brand has become a cultural phenomenon and a fashion staple, with a legion of devoted fans eagerly scooping up each new release. Among the brand’s most popular models are the “Jordan Mids” and “Jordan Highs.” In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these two styles, their similarities and differences, and what distinguishes them from one another.

Jordan Mids: A Brief History

The Jordan Mid is a variation of the iconic Air Jordan sneaker. It’s a mid-top model, which means that the collar hits just above the ankle. This design was first introduced to the Jordan line in 1989 with the release of the Air Jordan IV, which represented a departure from the high-top design that had defined the first three Jordan models. The Jordan Mid was designed to be a more versatile shoe than its high-top predecessor, providing a balance of support, comfort, and style.

One of the defining features of the Jordan Mid is the “Jumpman” logo on the tongue, which can also be found on the heel of the shoe. Another notable element is the “air bubble” in the sole, which provides cushioning and adds to the shoe’s visual appeal. Over the years, the Jordan Mid has been released in a variety of colorways and collaborations, making it a coveted collector’s item for sneaker aficionados.

Jordan Highs: A Brief History

The Jordan High, also known as the Air Jordan 1, was first released in 1985, making it the very first Air Jordan model. The shoe was designed by Peter Moore and was inspired by the iconic Air Force 1 sneaker from Nike. The Jordan High was originally a high-top model, featuring a collar that extended well above the ankle. This design was intended to provide extra support and protection for Michael Jordan’s feet on the court.

The Jordan High has become an iconic sneaker in its own right, with a design that incorporates a blend of leather and synthetic materials, along with the signature “Jumpman” logo on the tongue, heel, and side of the shoe. Like the Jordan Mid, the Jordan High has been released in countless colorways and collaborations over the years, which has contributed to its status as a highly sought-after collector’s item.

Comparing Jordan Mids and Jordan Highs

When comparing Jordan Mids and Jordan Highs, there are a few key differences to consider. The most obvious differentiator is the height of the collar. Jordan Mids have a mid-top design, meaning that the collar hits just above the ankle, while Jordan Highs have a high-top design, with a collar that extends well above the ankle. This difference in height can affect the aesthetics of the shoe, as well as the level of support and protection it provides to the wearer.

Another important factor to consider when comparing these two styles is the materials used in the construction of the shoe. Both Jordan Mids and Jordan Highs typically feature a combination of leather and synthetic materials, with the durability and quality of these materials varying depending on the specific model. Additionally, the sole of the shoe is an important consideration, with both Jordan Mids and Jordan Highs featuring an “air bubble” in the sole for added cushioning.

One final difference to consider is the availability of each model. While both the Jordan Mid and Jordan High have a loyal following of fans, certain models of each style may be more difficult to find than others. This can make collecting and reselling these sneakers a lucrative endeavor for those in the know.

FAQs about Jordan Mids Vs Highs

Q: Which style is better for basketball?

A: The answer to this question depends on personal preference and playing style. Some players may prefer the added support and protection of a high-top design, while others may prioritize flexibility and range of motion, making a mid-top design more appealing.

Q: Are Jordan Mids more comfortable than Jordan Highs?

A: Again, this is a matter of personal preference. Both Jordan Mids and Jordan Highs typically feature an “air bubble” in the sole for added cushioning, and the quality of the materials used in the construction of the shoe can also play a role in how comfortable each style feels.

Q: Which style is more popular?

A: Both Jordan Mids and Jordan Highs have a dedicated following, and the popularity of each style can vary depending on the specific model and colorway. Some people may prefer the classic look and feel of a Jordan High, while others may appreciate the versatility and style of a Jordan Mid.

In conclusion, whether you prefer Jordan Mids or Jordan Highs ultimately comes down to personal preference. Each style has its own unique design elements and characteristics, and both are highly coveted among sneaker enthusiasts. Whether you’re a casual collector or a die-hard fan of the Jordan brand, there’s likely to be a model of both Jordan Mids and Jordan Highs that appeals to you.