Jordan Mid Vs High On Foot

Jordan Mid Vs High On Foot: A Comprehensive Comparison

Jordan sneakers have been a staple in the athletic shoe industry for decades. Their signature design and unparalleled comfort have made them a favorite among basketball players, sneaker enthusiasts, and fashionistas alike. Jordan sneakers come in a variety of styles, but two of the most popular are the mid-top and high-top versions. In this article, we will be comparing both styles and discussing the pros and cons to help you decide which one to choose. So, whether you’re a seasoned sneakerhead or just looking for some new kicks, let’s dive into the mid-top and high-top Jordan sneakers!

Jordan Mid

Mid-top Jordan sneakers first appeared on the scene in the early 1980s. They were created to give basketball players more ankle support while still allowing for flexibility and movement. The Jordan mid-top sneakers have a design that extends just above the ankle, providing a comfortable and secure fit. They are lighter and more flexible compared to high-top sneakers, which make them a favorite among athletes who want to move fast and have greater agility.

Pros of Jordan Mid Top:

1. Flexible and lightweight
2. Great for athletes who need ankle support without compromising flexibility
3. Easy to put on and take off
4. Offer a stylish look

Cons of Jordan Mid Top:

1. Not as much ankle support compared to high top sneakers
2. Can be less effective for those who need maximum support
3. Not always the most practical option for cold weather
4. Limited style options

Jordan High

The Jordan high-top sneakers were introduced in the late 1980s. They became popular due to their stylish design and ankle support. Their high-top design extends well above the ankle, providing added stability and support. High-top Jordan sneakers are often the preferred choice for basketball players as they offer maximum protection from ankle injuries. They are ideal for anyone who needs to stay on their feet for long periods, such as athletes or individuals who work on their feet.

Pros of Jordan High Top:

1. Maximum ankle support
2. Ideal for individuals who need long-lasting support
3. Offers more options in terms of style
4. Great for cold weather protection

Cons of Jordan High Top:

1. Can be heavier and less flexible compared to mid sneakers
2. Can limit mobility and movement
3. May require more time to put on and take off
4. Fewer style options available

Jordan Mid Vs High On Foot

When deciding between mid and high-top Jordan sneakers, it’s essential to consider your specific needs. If you’re looking for a shoe that is suitable for daily wear, ideal for warmer weather, and easy to take on and off, then mid-top sneakers may be the best option for you. Mid-top sneakers offer more flexibility and are lighter than high-top sneakers, making them a better option for those needing to move around frequently.

On the other hand, if you’re an athlete or someone who needs maximum ankle support, then high-top Jordan sneakers may be better suited. High-top sneakers offer stability and support, which can help prevent ankle injuries during sports or other physical activities. They also provide better protection during cold weather.

When it comes to style, both mid and high-top sneakers offer numerous options. Mid-top sneakers have a sleeker and more minimalist design, while high-top sneakers boast of a more classic and sporty look. It’s essential to consider your personal style preference when deciding between the two.


Whether you opt for a pair of Jordan mid or high-top sneakers, it’s essential to choose the right style for your specific needs. Mid-top sneakers are flexible, lightweight, and easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for warm weather and daily wear. However, they may not offer as much ankle support compared to high-top sneakers. On the other hand, high-top sneakers provide maximum support and stability, making them great for athletes or people who need long-lasting ankle protection.

Ultimately, the choice between Jordan mid and high-top sneakers comes down to personal preference, style, and functionality. Hopefully, this article has provided a better understanding of the two sneakers’ similarities and differences, enabling you to make an informed decision when choosing the right pair of Jordan sneakers for you!