Is Wentworth Over

Is Wentworth Over? A Comprehensive Look at the Status of the Beloved Australian Series

Wentworth Prison, a renowned Australian television drama series, has been captivating viewers for eight years since its debut in 2013. The show has enjoyed critical acclaim and a large following, with its compelling characters, gripping storytelling, and powerful themes about family, loyalty, and survival in a harsh world. However, after its eighth season finale in September 2020, many fans have been left wondering: is Wentworth over?

In this article, we will explore the current status of Wentworth, what led to its potential cancellation, and what the future holds for the show and its devotees.

What is Wentworth?

Wentworth is a drama series that follows the life of a group of female prisoners in the fictional Wentworth Correctional Centre, located in Melbourne, Australia. The show is a remake of the classic Australian series Prisoner, which aired from 1979 to 1986. Wentworth premiered on Foxtel in May 2013 and has since aired eight seasons with 100 episodes. The series has gained critical praise and a devoted fan base for its complex characters, intense storytelling, and powerful themes about power, corruption, and redemption.

Why is Wentworth So Popular?

Wentworth has become a beloved show for a few critical reasons. Firstly, the show’s writers have managed to draw the audience entirely into the lives of its characters. They have humanized the inmates at Wentworth Correctional Centre and presented each one as a complicated individual with their unique life story. Secondly, the show has tackled powerful themes that many people can relate to. The writers have shown how women in prison have to fight for survival, but they also experience genuine friendships and love inside correctional facilities. Wentworth has also dealt with issues like feminism, greed, addiction, and abuse.

Is Wentworth Over?

At the moment, Wentworth is on hiatus. Season eight of the show finished airing in September 2020, and there has been no word from showrunners if there will be another season. Beyond that, rumours have been circulating that the show may not return.

So why might Wentworth be over? The answer lies in Foxtel’s recent decision to discontinue the show, despite an impressive viewership of over 72 million worldwide. The network has stated that funding for the show has dried up due to the high cost of production and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused extensive delays to many television and film productions worldwide, which has led to a significant loss of income for broadcasters.

Foxtel has also been hit hard by its competition with online streaming platforms, which has led to a decline in its number of subscribers. Foxtel is hoping that the stoppage of Wentworth will lead to significant gains for its platform, but it remains unclear whether that will happen.

What Do Fans Think?

Many fans of the show have been left disappointed by the lack of confirmed news on Wentworth’s future. Some have taken to social media to voice their concerns, with the hashtag #RenewWentworth gaining considerable traction online. Many viewers feel that Wentworth has become a significant part of their lives and that the show deserves to continue.

Fans have also praised the show for its groundbreaking approach to the depiction of women in prison, arguing that Wentworth provides a unique and nuanced perspective on an otherwise stigmatized topic. With strong performances from its ensemble cast and a level of emotional investment that few shows can match, it’s no surprise that Wentworth has cemented its place as one of Australia’s most beloved shows.

What is the Future of Wentworth?

The future of the show remains unclear. However, there is still hope. Fans of the show have not given up on it, and many are campaigning to bring it back for at least one more season. Some have suggested that the show could move to a different platform or network, while others have urged Foxtel to reconsider its decision.

If Foxtel does decide not to go forward with Wentworth’s future, it would not be the end of the road for some of the actors on the show who have gained international recognition. Actress Nicole da Silva, who starred as the fierce Frank Doyle, has recently joined the cast of the popular US show, ‘The Bold Type’.


1. Why is Wentworth so popular?

Wentworth is popular due to its complex characters, intense storytelling and powerful themes about power, corruption and redemption.

2. Is Wentworth over?

At present, Wentworth is on hiatus. There has been no word from show-runners on whether there will be another season, but rumours suggest that the show may not return.

3. Why might Wentworth be over?

Wentworth is at risk of being cancelled due to Foxtel cancelling the show, citing the high cost of production, COVID-19 and competition from other online platforms.

4. What do the fans think about the cancellation?

Many fans have reacted to the news with disappointment and have started campaigns online to renew the show.


The fate of Wentworth remains unclear, but fans of the show have not given up on getting it back on the air. With its compelling characters, intense storytelling, and powerful themes, Wentworth has left an indelible mark on Australian television, and its cancellation would be a great loss to its many supporters. Ultimately, it’s up to the showrunners and Foxtel to decide whether Wentworth will continue. But for now, fans will just have to wait and see what lies in store for this beloved series.