Is There A Ymail

Ymail is a free email service offered by Yahoo! which allows users to create an account and send and receive emails using their email address. Many users might wonder if there is indeed a Ymail email service, and the simple answer is yes, and Ymail is one of Yahoo!’s email domains. In this article, we will delve deeper into what Ymail is, how to create an account, how to use it, and its features.

What Is Ymail?

Ymail is an email service like any other email service which offers email features like sending and receiving emails, creating folders, and accessing other Yahoo! services. Yahoo! started offering email service in 1997 and over time several new domains were introduced, and Ymail is one of the email domains that can be used as an alternative to Yahoo! Mail.

Many people assume that Ymail is a separate email service than Yahoo! Mail. However, this is not true. Ymail is simply one of the many email domains which are operated by Yahoo! And it is essentially a rebranding of Yahoo! Mail.

How to Create a Ymail Account?

Creating a Ymail account is very simple, and you can easily do it by following these steps:

Step 1 – Go to Yahoo’s email home page – The first step is to visit the Yahoo! email home page, which is

Step 2 – Click on Mail – The second step is to click on the ‘Mail’ icon, which is located on the top right corner of the home page.

Step 3 – Click on Sign-up – The third step is to click on the ‘Sign-up’ link located under the ‘Sign in’ button.

Step 4 – Fill in your personal details – The next step is to fill in your personal details like your name, date of birth, mobile number or email address, gender, and others.

Step 5 – Choose a username and password – After you fill in your personal details, choose a username and password for your account.

Step 6 – Verify – Once you have provided the necessary details, Yahoo! will require you to verify your phone number or email ID.

Step 7 – Agree to terms – Finally, you need to accept the terms and conditions of the service, and then you can start using your Ymail account.

Features of Ymail

Ymail offers various features to its users, including:

1. Compatibility with other email services – Ymail can be linked with other email services like Gmail, Outlook, or any other POP/IMAP services which make it easy to use across various platforms.

2. Customizable themes – One of the interesting features of Ymail is the option to customize your mailbox with different background themes.

3. Large mailbox – Ymail offers an immense amount of storage space, which means that you can store a significant amount of emails and files without worrying about running out of space.

4. Enhanced spam protection – Ymail comes with advanced spam filters which reduce the probability of receiving spam emails.

5. Easy-to-use interface – Ymail has a user-friendly interface and is easy-to-use even for first-time users.

Is Ymail Better than Other Email Services?

The choice of email service can vary based on individual preferences. However, one of the distinctive features of Ymail is the customization options available, and its capability to work with other email services. It also offers ample storage space, and extended protection against spam.

Is Ymail safe and secure?

Yahoo! Mail has a strong security feature that protects all its users from phishing, hacking, and other security breaches. Ymail comes with SSL encryption that secures all email communications and messages sent over the internet. Apart from SSL, Yahoo! Mail also provides spam protection and an anti-virus scanning feature. Yahoo! Mail users can be confident that their emails and attachments are secure and will not be accessed without authorization.


In conclusion, Ymail is an email service offered by Yahoo! Mail that allows users to create an account and send and receive emails using their email address. It is not any different than Yahoo! Mail and is essentially a rebranding of the email service. It comes with a host of features, including compatibility with other email services, themes personalization, ample storage, and enhanced spam protection. It is a secure email service and offers users a convenient way to communicate online. Creating a Ymail account is simple, and if you are looking for a reliable email service that allows customization, Ymail is an excellent alternative to consider.