Is There A Ymail.Com


Gmail is the most prominent email service provider in the world. However, it’s not the only free email service on the internet. Yahoo Mail, commonly called Ymail, is Yahoo’s email service that has been in existence since 1997. With an estimated 225 million active users, it is the third most popular email service in the world after Gmail and This article will explore the features of Ymail and compare it to Gmail.

Features of Ymail:

Ymail provides a similar set of features as Gmail, including a highly functional inbox, the ability to send and receive emails with attachments, spam protection, and custom filters. It also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS that includes similar features to the web version of the service.

One of the unique features of Ymail is its Yahoo Calendar, which makes it easy for users to schedule and manage events. The calendar can be synced with other calendars like Apple’s iCalendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. Ymail also offers a Contact Book where users can store phone numbers and email addresses, making it easier to send messages to their contacts.

Another feature of Ymail is Yahoo Messenger, which allows users to chat with other Ymail users in real-time. It also has a built-in search tool that makes it simple to find old emails, attachments, and contacts.

Comparing Ymail and Gmail:

Gmail and Ymail share many similarities. They both offer a robust inbox with filtering options and spam protection. However, there are some notable differences between the two services that are worth exploring.

1. User Interface:

The Ymail interface has a more traditional look compared to Gmail’s more modern design. This may appeal to some users who prefer simplicity and straightforwardness over flashy graphics. Gmail’s user interface is highly intuitive, and its material design makes it easy to use on mobile devices.

2. Storage:

Gmail provides 15GB of storage space for free, while Ymail offers 1TB of storage. In most cases, 15GB is sufficient for the average user, but Ymail’s storage capacity is undoubtedly an advantage for those who need more space to store their data.

3. Customization:

Gmail provides the ability to customize the appearance of the inbox to suit a user’s preferences. For example, a user can choose to display only starred messages, unread messages, or messages from a particular label. Ymail’s customization options are limited, but it allows for users to choose between the light theme and dark mode.

4. Spam protection:

Both services offer excellent spam protection. However, Gmail’s algorithms are more advanced, and it does a better job of filtering out spam messages. In contrast, Ymail may require some manual configuration to limit the amount of spam received.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can Ymail be accessed on mobile devices?

A: Yes, Ymail has a mobile app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Q: Is it possible to use Ymail with a custom domain name?

A: No, Ymail does not offer the option to use a custom domain.

Q: Can Ymail be easily migrated to Gmail?

A: Yes, it is possible to migrate Ymail to Gmail. There are several third-party tools available to make the process easier.

Q: Is Ymail secure?

A: Yes, Ymail uses encryption to protect user data and passwords.


In conclusion, Ymail is a credible email service provider that provides many unique features such as Yahoo Calendar and Yahoo Messenger. However, its storage and customization options are not as extensive as Gmail. Ultimately, the choice between the two services will depend on the user’s unique needs, preferences, and priorities.