Is Pokemon Sword Or Shield Better


Pokémon has been a phenomenon since its inception in 1996. It has been a staple in the gaming community for more than two decades, and the franchise has expanded into anime, movies, and merchandise.  With the release of the eighth generation of Pokémon games, Pokémon Sword and Shield, fans eagerly anticipated a new adventure in the Galar region with a new set of Pokémon to catch and battle. However, the question remains, which game is better? In this article, we aim to compare Pokémon Sword and Shield and determine which game is superior based on several factors such as storyline, graphics, mechanics, and Pokémon availability.


Both games feature similar storylines in which players become Pokémon trainers in the Galar region and eventually challenge the eight gym leaders and become the champion. Sword and Shield have minor differences in characters and events, but the overarching storyline is the same. Players embark on a journey to become Pokémon champions, uncovering conspiracies and lore along the way.

From a narrative perspective, Sword and Shield’s story is not groundbreaking. However, the games are charming with great dialogue and memorable characters. The main antagonist, Chairman Rose, adds an extra layer of conflict and depth to the plot. However, the plot’s twist might not be for everyone as it has garnered some criticism from fans.


Pokémon Sword and Shield have garnered much attention from fans due to their graphics. The series moves from the traditional 2D graphics to a fully 3D environment with stunning effects and graphics. It is evident from the opening sequence that Game Freak put a lot of effort into making the game visually appealing. The world of Galar is both expansive and detailed, allowing players to explore the region and appreciate its beauty.

When it comes to which game looks better, it’s subjective. However, Sword has some exclusive features when it comes to visuals. Players who purchase Sword have access to the Tower of Darkness, a dark and ominous tower, while those with Shield can access the Tower of Water, a lighter, more peaceful tower.


Sword and Shield introduce new game mechanics that make them different from previous Pokémon games. While the games retain the fundamental mechanics of catching, training, and battling Pokémon, they have added features that add depth to the gameplay.

One of the biggest additions to the mechanics was the introduction of Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon. These new forms of Pokémon can grow to a massive size and have special abilities that can turn the tide of battles. It is a fun mechanic that adds a new layer of strategy to Pokemon battles.

Another addition is the Wild Area, a large expanse between the different towns where there are no barriers for players to explore. In the Wild Area, players can find and catch different types of Pokémon, participate in Max Raid Battles, and find different items that help them on their journey. The Wild Area adds an adventure element to the game, and players can spend hours exploring and capturing different types of Pokémon.

Pokémon Availability

One of the most significant talking points when it comes to Sword and Shield is the number of available Pokémon. Due to the limitations of the Nintendo Switch hardware, only about half of the total Pokémon species as seen in previous games are present in Sword and Shield; 400 Pokémon of the total 890-numbered Pokédex can be caught, traded, or transferred in the games. Fans of the series were disappointed with this limitation and were hoping for all Pokémon to be included.

Sword and Shield do a great job in introducing new Pokémon to the series. There are 81 new species introduced in these games, and they are all unique and exciting to catch and battle. However, long-time fans of the series may miss some of their favourite Pokémon from previous iterations.


1. Can players trade Pokémon from other games into Sword and Shield?

Yes, players can transfer Pokémon from previous games to Sword and Shield using the Pokémon Home app.

2. Are there any differences between the games when it comes to exclusives?

Yes, there are some unique features in each version. Sword has some unique Pokémon, while Shield has other exclusive species.

3. Is it worth buying both games?

It depends on the player. If they want to catch all available Pokémon and experience everything the game has to offer, purchasing both games might be worth it. However, it is not necessary, as they can trade with other players or use the Pokémon Home app.


In conclusion, both Pokémon Sword and Shield are excellent games with their unique features and additions to the series. It ultimately comes down to personal preference when it comes to choosing which game to buy. If a player prefers a more visually pleasing game, then Sword might be for them. If they want a different variety of Pokémon, Shield might be the better option. Regardless of the game, players can expect an adventure-filled with thrilling battles, memorable characters, and new mechanics that will keep them engaged for hours.