Is It Dab Or Dap

Is It Dab Or Dap? A Comprehensive Comparison

The world of popular culture and slang is continually evolving, bringing new words and phrases into common usage. Two terms that have gained popularity in recent years are “dab” and “dap.” Their similarity in sound and meaning has led to confusion among many, leaving them wondering which one is which. So, what is the difference between dab and dap?


The “dab” is a popular dance move that has become a viral trend in recent years. It involves lifting one arm up while simultaneously bowing your head into your elbow. This maneuver creates a motion that looks like you’re sneezing into your elbow, hence the name “dab.” This dance move was first popularized by the rap group Migos and has since become a mainstream phenomenon, with celebrities and athletes adopting the move.

However, “dab” is not solely reserved for the dance move. It is also a term used when smoking marijuana concentrates. Dabbing involves heating up a small amount of THC concentrate to vaporize it, then inhaling the vapor through a dab rig, which is a specialized bong used for concentrates. This method of consumption is known for producing a potent high compared to traditional smoking methods.


The “dap,” on the other hand, is a gesture and greeting popularized by African American culture that dates back to the 1960s. The dap involves a complex series of handshakes and fist bumps that often end with a hug or a chest bump. The dap originated among Black soldiers during the Vietnam War and has since become a symbol of solidarity and mutual respect among the Black community, particularly Black men.

Dap has also extended its meaning to a verb that means to give someone a fist bump or a handshake, indicating acknowledging and respecting someone. This term is more widely used as a slang among African American communities, but it has become a part of mainstream culture in recent years.


Dab and dap are two words that are similar in sound and writing, but they are vastly different in meaning and usage. Dab is primarily associated with drug consumption and dance, while dap represents a gesture of greeting and respect. Moreover, the contexts in which these terms are used vary significantly.


Q. Can dab and dap be used interchangeably?

A. No, dab and dap have different meanings and usages. Dab primarily relates to drug consumption and dancing, while dap is used as a greeting and gesture of respect.

Q. What is the origin of the dab and dap?

A. Dab originated as a dance move popularized by the rap group Migos. Meanwhile, dap originated among Black soldiers during the Vietnam War and became symbolic among the Black community as a gesture of respect and solidarity.

Q. Is dabbing illegal?

A. Dabbing itself is not illegal, but the consumption of marijuana concentrates is illegal in some US states and countries worldwide. Therefore, it is essential to check the legality before dabbing.

Q. Is dap only used among African Americans?

A. While dap originated among Black soldiers during the Vietnam War, it has since become a part of mainstream culture and is used by people of all races and genders as a sign of respect.

In conclusion, dab and dap may sound and look similar, but they are entirely different terms with their unique meanings and backgrounds. Both of them have gained popularity in recent years, becoming a part of mainstream culture. However, it is crucial to use these terms in their correct context and understand their origin and meaning to avoid any miscommunication or confusion.