Introvert vs. Extrovert

On the basis of some characteristics, there are two types of personalities. One is the introvert and the other is the extrovert.  Where the person does not open up easily or is a reserved sort of person then he or she is known to be an introvert; whereas if the person is open and social he or she is known to be an extrovert.

In personality theory extroversion and introversion are two oldest classifications of personality traits. It has been observed that some people are very comfortable in interacting with their surroundings whereas others are reserved and quiet. The first group is extroverts, who prefer to engage with others and they get charged when they communicate with other people. The latter group is introverted who prefer to stay in isolation and stimulate by interacting with themselves rather than the world outside.

An introvert person enjoys spending time in solitude. They don’t like to be the center of attention and prefer to remain disclosed. They value and mostly interact by forming one to one relationship. They think deep before they speak and hence have a controlled speech. Introverts recharge their energies by spending time with themselves. They like to be alone and think loud. They like reflecting on their own thoughts and take time in decision making. They prefer working independently in peaceful environments and hence can be seen as a reserved kind of people. They deeply focus in order to understand their thoughts.

On the other hand, extroverts like to socialize. They feel uncomfortable on their own and are in need of people. They like making a lot of friends and communicate with many people at a time. Most of the times, they form groups for social interaction and hence like to be among a lot of people. They do not think much before they speak hence they mostly speak their heart out. They clarify their thoughts by expressing them to others and do not think deep.

Comparison Chart

Basis Introvert Extrovert
Meaning An introvert person is reserved and does not open up easily An extrovert person is a person who opens up easily and likes being social
Nature Shy and reserved Friendly and social
Speech Thoughtful and short Spontaneous and lengthy
Energy Charges by solitude Needs social circle
Time Spend more time with themselves Spend time with friends and family
Focus Inward focus Outward focus
Friends Few Many
Adaptability Do not adapt easily to a new environment Easily adapt to a new environment
Communication Open with those they know well Open with almost everyone they meet.
Concentration Deeply concentrate Get distracted easily

What is Introvert?

An introvert person is one who likes to spend time with self. He or she is said to be less social and mostly relies on the other person to start a conversation.  Their focus is inward hence they have few friends. They find it difficult to adjust in some new environment and so do not show much mobility. Though they are open with those they know well, they are reserved in expressing themselves. They deeply concentrate and think well before they speak. They get their energies by solitude and isolation and are mostly found to be shy.


What is Extrovert?

An extrovert person, on the other hand, is open and sociable. They like being in other person company and often are ones to speak their heart out. They do not think much before speaking and trust easily on people they do not know much. They like to attend parties and gatherings and hence show great mobility. They are bold and confident individuals who can easily adapt to a new environment. They get distracted easily and have a small concentration span. They feel charged when they are among people.


Key Differences between Introvert and Extrovert

We can draw differences between an extrovert and an introvert personality on the following grounds:

  1. A person who thinks more and talks less is an introvert person whereas a person who likes talking and being among lots of people is an extrovert person.
  2. An extrovert person easily makes friends due to its talkative nature whereas an introvert takes time in assimilating with others.
  3. An extrovert person seldom thinks before speaking and tries to understand his or her thoughts by speaking them out. On the other hand, an introvert person would think several times before speaking something out. They are deep thinkers and keen listeners.
  4. The energy recharge of introverts is solitude whereas extroverts need gatherings to charge their energies.
  5. Extroverts are outside thinkers as they can handle people through communication. Introverts think actively, they do seem quiet but their minds are active and loud.
  6. Extroverts like to have a long list of friends and socialize among many people while the introverts stay close to one or two people at a time.
  7. Introverts find it difficult to adapt to change and they dislike it. However, extroverts easily adapt to change and like experimenting new situations.
  8. Extroverts find trust in almost everyone they meet. They like communicating their thoughts and feelings to a number of people. On the other hand, introverts communicate their feelings to only those people they trust.
  9. The concentration span of introverts is good. They can focus well on something. However, extroverts are people who get distracted easily hence, less able to concentrate on a particular aspect.

Video Explanation


Extroverts are more of an exposed personality who knows how to get attention easily. They like socializing so seem more active in parties and functions. The introverts on the other hand like to stay with themselves so they are often misunderstood as being arrogant and rude. Both types are needed to form a balance in the society hence they are different in their own ways. We cannot say which category is better or more liked. Introverts seem more balanced and have control on them whereas extroverts do not think much before they utter something hence they sometimes make blunders that may bring them shame.

Introverts are deeper and are often sharp listeners. On the other hand, extroverts look towards the breadth of things are want to be listened more. They are quick at making decisions hence spontaneous. Probably the most obvious difference between these two personalities is how they interact with other members of the society. Introverts like to make one to one connection with people whereas extroverts love to be among a lot of people at once.  Thus introverts connect with themselves first and then with others whereas extroverts connect with others immediately. We need both these personality types in the world.

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