Internet vs. Intranet

Internet and intranet are two different terms that are often used interchangeable by most of the people. The main difference between internet and intranet is that internet stands for the open network of all computers and it is open for all without any restriction while intranet is also a form of internet but it is not used by a specific group of people and not open for those outside the circle of group.

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Internet vs. Intranet

Contents: Difference between Internet and Intranet

What is Internet?

Internet stands for a clustered system of interconnected computer networks that uses a standard Internet Protocol (IP) or transmission control protocol (TCP) network. Internet is actually a global network of millions of private, public, and organizational network. It carries a massive range of informational data and resources in shape of HTTP (Hypertext Markup Language) documents and applications through World Wide Web (WWW). The main services being provided by internet are: email, file sharing, telephony and P2P networks. All kinds of electronic services like verbal communications, social networking, online shopping, commencing, and financial services are being performed via internet.

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What is Intranet?

Intranet is type of internet and refers to a computer network system in which only specified and permitted members of an organizational systems share the information, computing services, and operational systems with each other by using an IP technology. This term is basically stands for the network of a specific organization or the private network of an organization. Only authenticated users of the organization can access the database system, search engines, directory, etc. Can distribute documents and workflow. Employees of the organization or members of the group can makes interactive communication in shape of chatting, audio and video conferencing, groupware and teleconferencing. The benefits of intranet is that low development and cost arises on this setup. It also a means of friendly environment and speedily sharing of secret information on time.

Key Differences between Internet and Intranet

  1. Internet is an open system of global network that is available for all without any restriction while intranet is available to limited users of an organization or group.
  2. Intranet is more secure than internet because by developing an intranet network system, organization ensures the security of its network system. On the other hand accessing any information on internet is not difficult today.
  3. Internet can be accessed without having any special account while user account is the first important condition in case of intranet.
  4. Internet has no hard and fast rules for usage while there is a complete organizational policy behind the setup of intranet.
  5. The number of users in internet are unlimited while in intranet they are limited.
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