Intelligence vs. Wisdom

Intelligence and wisdom are two qualities that are attached with the mental capabilities and skills of human beings. The both terms like same but it is not the case. There are many points that create differences between these two similar terms. The main difference between intelligence and wisdom is that intelligence means implementing the gained knowledge wisely and perfectly and it can be learned by gaining more experience of a filed while wisdom is something that never comes with age. Even a child can be wiser than an adult or mature person.

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Intelligence vs. Wisdom

What is Intelligence?

The abilities to plan or create an idea, solve a problem, be logical in your creativity and make favorable results in a bad situation.  Intelligence is a term, which is totally associated with the mind and your ability to use your brain. You cannot borrow this quality. Like fingerprints, no two man are not equal mentally. Their ability to understand complex issues and solving difficulties will be entirely different from each other. It is the ability to go into the depth of the situation and comes with a solution. An intelligent always learn from the mistake of others and always observes others.

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What is Wisdom?

Wisdom mean to apply your knowledge, information, data and experience wisely and intelligently. It is the art to distinct between right and wrong, wishes and necessities, bad and good. Your decisions, actions, common senses and thoughts in different situations decides how wiser you are. It is not something you learn through books or schools. It is the ability to think about a situation in depth. It is saying that, “Deciding between right and wrong is the start of wisdom. But choosing better in two best situations and choosing appropriate in two worse situation is the peak of wisdom”.

Key Differences

  1. Intelligence can be learned via books, experience and it evaluates with the passage of time. While wisdom is God gifted. It is not that thing that can be learned. Even a child can wiser than a mature person.
  2. Intelligence is about knowing others while wisdom is about knowing yourself.
  3. Intelligent person focuses more on the tangible things. It is like body while wisdom is about intangible things like soul.
  4. Intelligence has limits but wisdom is limitless.
  5. Intelligence can be used in positive and negative sense. It can be useful and harmful while wisdom has always positive effects.
  6. Intelligent person rules over the world. Wiser rules over the history.
  7. Intelligence is the next stage of knowledge while wisdom is the final stage.
  8. Wisdom is a theoretical knowledge while intelligence is a practical knowledge.
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