I Was Asleep

I Was Asleep: A Review

“I Was Asleep” by Sophie Hannah is a contemporary mystery novel set in the UK. It follows the story of Evie Fennelly, a woman who wakes up one day to find that her husband has vanished without a trace. The novel poses the question of what really happened to her husband and explores Evie’s journey as she delves deeper into his disappearance.

The novel is written in first-person perspective from Evie’s point of view, which allows readers to understand her emotions and motivations more intimately. Evie is an interesting character with relatable flaws and insecurities, making her easy to empathize with. She is a talented artist who struggles with self-doubt and anxiety in her personal and professional life. However, her devotion to her husband and her determination to find him make her a strong protagonist who drives the story forward.

One of the strongest themes in “I Was Asleep” is the idea of perception and how it can be subjective. Throughout the novel, Evie questions the reliability of her own memory, and wonders if she really knew her husband as well as she thought she did. There are several instances where the same event is presented in different ways through different perspectives, leaving readers unsure of what really happened. This keeps the mystery alive and engages readers while also highlighting the importance of perspective in relationships and in life.

Another theme that runs throughout the novel is the idea of betrayal. Evie struggles with the idea that her husband may have been hiding something from her, and this fuels her journey to find out the truth. The novel shows how betrayal can damage a relationship, but also how it can push someone to be stronger and more resilient.

The pacing of the novel is impressive, with the mystery slowly unraveling as the story progresses. The author keeps readers invested by introducing new characters and twists, making it hard to predict the ending. However, this also creates some confusion at times, especially towards the middle of the book. There are several subplots introduced that seem irrelevant to the main story, but they do all come together in the end.

The level of detail in the novel is noteworthy as well. Hannah’s descriptions of the settings and characters are vivid and precise, creating a cinematic imagery in readers’ minds. She also integrates art into the story seamlessly, without it feeling forced or excessive. The art references provide a unique layer to the story and showcase the author’s own knowledge and appreciation of art.

Overall, “I Was Asleep” is a well-crafted mystery novel that will keep readers engaged till the very end. Hannah’s writing style is both engaging and entertaining, and her characters are multi-dimensional and relatable. The novel’s themes of perception and betrayal add depth to the story while also making it an insightful commentary on relationships.

FAQs section:

Q: Is “I Was Asleep” a fast-paced novel?
A: The pacing is well-balanced with the mystery unraveling gradually throughout the story. It’s not a fast-paced novel in the traditional sense, but it keeps readers invested until the very end.

Q: Is the novel predictable?
A: No, the writer keeps readers invested by introducing new twists and turns, making it hard to predict the ending.

Q: Is the novel suitable for readers who are not well-versed in art?
A: Yes, while art plays a role in the novel, it’s not excessive, and the writer does an excellent job of integrating it into the story without overwhelming readers with too much art jargon.

Q: Are the characters relatable?
A: Yes, the character of Evie is relatable, with her vulnerabilities and strengths. Readers will easily empathize with Evie and go through the journey with her.

Q: Is the novel recommended for mystery lovers?
A: Yes, anyone who enjoys a well-crafted mystery novel will enjoy “I Was Asleep.”