High School One Word Or Two

High School: One Word Or Two?

High school is an exciting time in the lives of young people. It is a stage of life where they start to transition into young adults, as they begin to navigate the ups and downs of academics, extracurricular activities, social life, and relationships. One of the many debates about high school is whether it should be written as one word or two words. In this article, we will delve into this argument from both sides, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each spelling, and answer some frequently asked questions.

One Word

One popular spelling of high school is “highschool.” Proponents of this spelling argue that it is a more modern, streamlined form that reflects the fast-paced changes taking place in our society. They argue that since many new words and phrases have emerged and blended together in recent years, separating high and school into two distinct words seems unnecessary and outdated.

From a grammatical standpoint, the one-word form of high school seems logical. It is a noun phrase that combines two words into one unit, similar to words like basketball, cellphone, and laptop. Since the definition of high school is an educational institution designed for students in their teenage years after elementary school and before college, it makes sense to combine the two words into one, especially in casual conversation.

Two Words

The more traditional spelling of high school is “high school.” Those who prefer this spelling argue that it is the proper way to write the term and adheres to the rules of grammar. They argue that since high and school are distinct words with separate meanings, they should remain separate in writing.

Proponents of the two-word form argue that separating high and school creates a clearer, more precise statement. For example, if someone writes “I went to highschool today,” it could be interpreted as “I went to a school that is high up on a hill.” Whereas, when written with two words, “I went to high school today” clearly means “I went to an educational institution for teenagers.”

Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages

To better understand the argument between one word or two words, let us compare their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of “High School”

– It is the traditional form and follows grammar rules.
– It provides clarity by separating high and school into two distinct words.
– There is no risk of confusion or misunderstanding regarding the meaning of the term.

Disadvantages of “High School”

– It may seem outdated and clunky.
– It can be seen as overly formal for casual conversation.
– The two words together can take up more space in writing and require longer time to write.

Advantages of “Highschool”

– It is a more modern and streamlined form.
– It is easier to write and faster to type.
– It is often used in casual conversation and accepted by many.

Disadvantages of “Highschool”

– It does not adhere to traditional grammar rules.
– It can be viewed as slang or informal language.
– It may cause confusion or misinterpretation of the meaning.


Q: Is high school one word or two in formal writing?

A: In formal writing, it is generally written as two words – “high school.” This is the proper and more accepted form in academic or professional documents.

Q: Is it okay to use “highschool” informally?

A: Yes, the one-word form of high school is commonly used in informal settings, such as texting, social media, or casual conversation. However, it may not be appropriate in more formal situations.

Q: Why does it matter how high school is spelled?

A: The debate over the spelling of high school is more of a personal preference than a significant issue. However, it can affect the way we communicate and how we are perceived by others. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each form and choose the spelling that is best suited for the context and audience.


Whether you prefer “high school” or “highschool,” the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and context. While the traditional two-word spelling may be more appropriate in formal writing or academic situations, the one-word form is widely accepted in casual conversation and informal settings. Regardless of how high school is spelled, it remains an essential stepping stone in the lives of young people as they prepare to embark on their journey towards adulthood.