High School One Or Two Words

High School: One or Two Words?

The debate over whether to write “high school” or “highschool” has been around for a long time. This is an issue that may not seem significant, but it has a significant impact on grammar, spelling, and writing. It is essential to understand in which situations we use one or two words. In this article, we will explore the differences between the two and the implications of using them incorrectly.

High School as Two Words

High school written as two words means that the two words are separate and used to describe the same thing. The first word, “high,” acts as an adjective that describes the level of schooling, while the second word, “school,” is the noun representing the educational institution. For example, “She goes to a high school in the suburbs.” We have “high” to describe the level of school, and “school” as a specific place where the student gets an education.

Highschool as One Word

On the other hand, “highschool” as one word combines the two words into a single term. In this case, “highschool” takes the form of a compound word, which means that it is a combination of two or more words. As a compound word, we cannot use “highschool” to describe “high” and “school” separately. According to this rule, “highschool” should be spelt as just one word.

Differences between High School and Highschool

The chief difference between high school and highschool is that high school is written as two words and highschool as one word. Other than that, there is no significant difference between the two. However, even though there is no difference in meaning, an incorrect spelling can impact the clarity of a sentence.

Using “highschool” as one word can lead to grammatical errors, especially when attached to other words. For example, “I found the highschool library” sounds like “either the high school library or one of the libraries of a particular type of school.” This mistake can be misleading, causing confusion in communication. Therefore, it is essential to apply the correct spelling in your writings.

When is it Appropriate to Use Either?

The choice between spelling high school as a single term, i.e., “highschool,” or as two separate words, i.e., “high school,” largely depends on the style of writing in use. The writing style you decide to use might suggest one term is preferable to the other. For instance, in academic writing, mostly when writing a research paper, it is crucial to stick to the conventional style of writing, which prescribes that “high school” be written as two differentiated words strictly.

Alternatively, in informal writing, you can feel free to use either spelling. Over time, “highschool” as a single word has become more commonly used in non-academic and social settings. It is sometimes used as a slang term amongst students. So, if you are writing a text message to a friend, you could use “highschool” as one word.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use “highschool” in academic writing?
A: No, in academic writing, “high school” is still the appropriate spelling.

Q: Why does it matter whether I use “highschool” or “high school”?
A: It matters because a spelling mistake could lead to confusion and misunderstanding of context.

Q: Which spelling is more popular?
A: Over the years, “highschool” as one word has become more commonly used in non-academic and social settings.

Q: Can the context be relied upon to distinguish between the two spellings?
A: No, it is always advisable to use the proper spelling at all times to avoid confusion.

In conclusion, although there is no significant difference between “highschool” and “high school”, the wrong spelling could cause confusion in communication. While “highschool” can be used in informal writing, it is essential to stick to the conventional style of writing, which prescribes “high school” be written as two separate words in academic writing.