High Cheekbones Vs. Low Cheekbones Pictures

In today’s society, there is an increased interest in physical appearance, and one of the features that people often desire are high cheekbones. The prominence of cheekbones is widely considered an attractive trait, but not everyone is born with this feature naturally. Conversely, there are those with low cheekbones that feel insecure about their appearance. In this article, we will take a closer look at the differences between high cheekbones and low cheekbones, as well as explore the reasons why high cheekbones are considered desirable.

What are high cheekbones?

The cheekbones are the bones located beneath the eye sockets, and when they protrude outward, they are typically referred to as high cheekbones. People with high cheekbones usually have a more defined and angular face shape, sometimes described as “chiseled” or “sculpted.”

Alternatively, what are low cheekbones?

Low cheekbones, on the other hand, typically do not protrude as much as high cheekbones, and thus can make the face appear less angular. People with low cheekbones often have a softer, rounder face shape.

In terms of appearance, high cheekbones are generally considered desirable by many. This is, in part, because they help to create more definition and structure in the face. Additionally, high cheekbones can help to make the eyes appear more prominent and give the appearance of a more symmetrical face.

Why do some people naturally have high cheekbones?

High cheekbones are usually an inherited trait that comes from a dominant gene. This means that if one parent has high cheekbones, their child is more likely to inherit them. Additionally, people of certain ethnicities, such as those of Eastern European or Indigenous descent, are more likely to have naturally high cheekbones due to their genetic makeup.

Can you make your cheekbones higher?

While some people are naturally blessed with high cheekbones, there are also ways to enhance your cheeks and achieve a more sculpted look.

One way to achieve higher cheekbones is through makeup. Using contouring products, such as a bronzer, can help to create the illusion of higher cheekbones. By applying bronzer along the hollows of the cheeks and highlighting the tops of the cheekbones, you can create an appearance of more defined cheekbones.

Another more permanent option for achieving higher cheekbones is through cosmetic surgery. A procedure called cheek augmentation involves the use of implants or fillers to enhance the volume and projection of the cheekbones. However, this option comes with risks and requires careful consideration and consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon.

In conclusion, high cheekbones are considered an attractive feature by many, and some people are naturally blessed with this trait. While low cheekbones can be perceived as less desirable, there are ways to enhance the appearance of the cheekbones through makeup or cosmetic procedures. Ultimately, the most important thing is to feel confident and happy with your appearance, whether you have high or low cheekbones.