High Cheekbones Ethnicity

High Cheekbones Ethnicity: Characteristics, Significance and Comparison

Cheekbones are one of the most prominent facial features that enhance the overall look and attractiveness of an individual. High cheekbones, in particular, are considered to be a desirable feature in modern beauty standards. This article explores the origin, significance, and comparison of high cheekbones across various ethnicities.

Characteristics of High Cheekbones

High cheekbones are characterized by their prominent and defined structure, which appears to be higher than the other facial features. They contribute to a defined and sharp jawline, a tapered forehead, and an overall symmetrical facial structure. High cheekbones are known to give the face a more attractive and youthful appearance, making them a desirable feature among both men and women.

Significance of High Cheekbones

High cheekbones are considered an attractive feature across many cultures and societies. They are believed to be a sign of elegance, grace, and beauty. In many cultures, high cheekbones are associated with good health and fertility, as they suggest a good bone structure that strengthens the face and supports the teeth.

Some studies suggest that high cheekbones also play an evolutionary role in attraction. In a study conducted by researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, participants were shown photographs of the same person with and without digitally-enhanced cheekbones. The participants rated the images with higher cheekbones as more attractive and healthy, suggesting that high cheekbones may be a biological marker of superior genetic traits.

High Cheekbones Ethnicity: Comparison

High cheekbones are present in varying degrees among different ethnicities. Some ethnicities are more likely to have higher cheekbones due to genetic traits, while others may depend more on environmental factors. Here is a comparison of high cheekbones across some ethnicities:

1. European

European ancestry is often associated with high cheekbones. This trait is particularly noticeable among Northern and Eastern European ethnicities such as Nordic, Germanic, and Slavic. These ethnicities tend to have a more pronounced bone structure, which gives them a distinct look.

2. African

African ethnicities are also known for their high cheekbones. However, the structure of the high cheekbones in African ethnicities tends to differ from that of European ethnicities. African ethnicities have a wider, flatter face, which gives their high cheekbones a flatter, more rounded appearance.

3. Asian

Asian ethnicities typically have a flatter bone structure, which gives their cheekbones a less prominent appearance. However, some Asian ethnicities such as the Koreans, Japanese, and Mongolians tend to have higher cheekbones than others.

4. Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous people from around the world tend to have elevated cheekbones, which is believed to be a result of environmental factors such as natural selection. For instance, the Inuit people from the Arctic Circle have high cheekbones to help retain heat in the cold climate.

FAQs about High Cheekbones

1. Can I improve the appearance of my cheekbones?

Yes, there are some facial exercises that can help improve the appearance of your cheekbones. These exercises include smiling with your teeth showing, blowing up balloons, and clenching your teeth while smiling.

2. Is it possible to naturally increase my cheekbone size?

While it may not be possible to change the bone structure of your cheekbones, there are some non-invasive procedures such as dermal fillers that can help enhance their appearance.

3. Are high cheekbones only an attractive feature among women?

No, high cheekbones are considered an attractive feature among both men and women.

4. Can high cheekbones make me look younger?

Yes, high cheekbones can give the face a more youthful appearance by providing more structure and support to the facial muscles.


High cheekbones are a desirable facial feature across many cultures and ethnicities. They are considered a sign of beauty, good health, and fertility, and play a role in attraction. However, the degree of prominence of high cheekbones varies among different ethnicities due to genetic and environmental factors. Regardless of ethnicity, high cheekbones can be enhanced through facial exercises or non-invasive procedures such as dermal fillers.