Hard Disk vs. RAM

Computer stores its memory and data in to two devices, RAM and Hard Disk. Temporary and short term is stored in RAM and permanent or long term memory or data is stored by hard disk. Both are the integral parts of your system. If talk about difference, difference between them is like that one is in east direction and other is in west direction.

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Contents: Difference between Hard Disk and RAM

What is Hard Disk?

Hard Disk is a drive, which provides you to store your data for a long time. All your personal data like music, images, videos and files are saved by hard disk. Its basic measuring units are Gigabytes (GB) and Terabytes (TB). You can uninstall and save new data according to your demand. In case of more storage requirement, you can use external hard disk drive  as well. Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital are largest manufacturers of internal hard disk while external hard disk are largely manufactured by ADATA, Freecom, LG, Samsung and Toshiba.

What is RAM?

RAM is the acronym of Random Access Memory, which is used for storage of computer data, not your personal data. This device is used to read and write data.  It temporary stores the computer memory and keep it until system is on and will erased it after your system go shutdown. RAM has two types SRAM (static RAM) and DRAM (dynamic RAM). It is available from 256MB to 8GB sizes. With increase in RAM size system will be able to perform faster than before.

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Key Differences between Hard Disk and RAM

  1. All data you stored on hard disk are permanently saved during usage and after shutdown. While RAM keeps memory until system is running. All the memory will be erased automatically after your system switched off.
  2. Currently, RAM are available from 256MB to 8GB (recently announced by Seagate). While hard disk size starts where RAM size ends. 10GB to 8TB size hard disk are available in the market.
  3. RAM is just a chip containing some circuits. Hard disk is almost a machine having multiple parts like platters, plastic disc, magnate, writer & reader bar.
  4. If you are running short of hard disk space, you can use external hard disk for your data storage. There is no option for external removable RAM.
  5. Whenever we perform some task, memory first comes from RAM instead of hard disk. Hard disk is a secondary mean for circulation of memory.
  6. RAM works faster than hard drive. Basic purpose of RAM is to fast the performance of system. If you have low RAM, your system speed will be low. Main purpose of hard disk is to store information. If you have low capacity hard disk there will be less impact on your system speed.
  7. Additional RAM demand requires no Window but if you want to change your hard disk, it will be workable after fresh Window.
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