ham vs canadian bacon

Living in Canada? Are you going to make some meat today?  You can definitely go for Canadian bacon or Ham as both are a good choice for you! Canadian bacon and Ham are quite similar, as they have the same taste as well as the same texture, but these two savory types of meat are different.

The key difference between Canadian bacon and ham is the source of the meat. Canadian bacon comes from the lion cut that runs along the back of the pig and it is very popular in the United States as compared to other countries while ham comes from the primal cut which includes the leg, thigh, and rump of the pig and it is very famous in all over the world as it is also available in different types like American ham, Spanish ham, and cheese ham.

Comparison Chart  

Basis               Canadian Bacon Ham
Source Canadian bacon is made from lion pork Ham is made from the legs, thigh, butt, and shank of the pork
Eatery It is usually eaten at breakfast Ham is mostly eaten during lunch or dinner
Process It is often prepared at home Ham passes through the mechanical process
Preference Canadian bacon is mostly preferred for daily routine It is mostly preferred for parties and special occasions
Famous It is most famous in the United States It is famous in Europe and all over the world
Chops Chops of Canadian bacon are usually thin Chops of ham are usually thick
Calories A slice of Canadian bacon consists of 43 calories however, a slice of ham contains 46 calories
Uses Can be used in making sandwiches for breakfast, omelette, and can also be served with pancakes Ham is mostly used in making Salad, sandwiches and can also be used in hot dishes like split pea soup

What is Canadian Bacon?

Canadian bacon is the meat which comes from pork, and it is gotten from the salted and cured lion cuts which run along the back of the pig”.

Canadian bacon is also known as ‘back bacon’ or ‘peameal bacon’, and it is only available in slices in Canada, whereas smoked slices of pork meat which sold in the U.S. are known as Canadian bacon.

Canadian bacon can be prepared at home with the meat being cured, smoked, fully- cooked, and sliced. It is mostly eaten at breakfast; moreover, it is only served when soft and juicy because if served hard Canadian bacon would be tasteless and dry.

Some facts of Canadian bacon are given below

  • Canadian bacon does not contain sugar and honey.
  • It contains lesser calories, as a slice of Canadian bacon contains 43 calories.
  • Canadian bacon contains 2 grams of fat and 14mg of cholesterol.
  • One-ounce serving size of Canadian bacon contains o.5g carbohydrates.
  • Canadian bacon contains 5.8 grams of protein per ounce.
  • It contains 395 milligrams of sodium per serving
  • It also contains vitamin B and E, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, and traces of iron calcium and magnesium.

What is Ham?

The word ham is derived from the English word ham or hom, which means the’ hollow or bend of the knee’.

“Ham comes from the cut of the thigh, leg, or rump of the pig which often goes through the process of salting, curing, smoking and cutting”.

There are many types of ham which range from all-American country ham to the Spanish Jamon Serrano to the Chinese Jinhua ham. It can be made with the help of mechanical processes or can be bought ready-made from the grocery stores and different meat shops.

ham vs canadian bacon

Ham is available in diced chunks, slices or whole, and it is famous all over the world because of its unique taste. However, fresh ham tastes like pork tenderloin, and dry-aged country ham has a salty taste with a chewier and denser texture.

It is mostly eaten during lunch or dinner, and it can be made properly with the help of other ingredients and by following the recipe. You can make it better in taste by adding black peppers, saffron, and other species, the first phase involves salting of the meat, then letting it soak for a long time, and then the next phase is grilling and dipping it in curry.

Some facts of ham are given below

  • Ham contains honey and sugar.
  • One slice of ham contains 46 calories.
  • It contains 2.5grams of fat and 16.5mg of cholesterol.
  • It contains zero carbohydrates per serving
  • Ham contains 6.3grams of protein.
  • An ounce of ham contains 420milligrams of sodium.
  • It contains vitamin B and traces of vitamins E, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Key Differences between Ham and Canadian Bacon

  1. Canadian bacon comes from the loin of pork while ham is the type of meat which is made from the leg, thigh or rump of the pig.
  2. The meat which is used for ham undergoes through the stages of salting, cutting and smoking, whereas, the meat which is used for Canadian bacon is left wet or is dried properly after few processes.
  3. Canadian bacon is mostly eaten at breakfast or brunch; on the other hand, ham is mostly eaten during lunch or dinner.
  4. Canadian bacon is available in two types, the dry and wet, whereas, the types of ham include Janon Serrano, Los Pedroches or Chinese Jinhua Ham.
  5. Canadian bacon can be made at home; on the other hand, ham can be made with the help of a mechanical process.
  6. Canadian bacon is served only in sliced form while ham can be served in regular or paper-thin slices, diced chunks and as a whole.
  7. Ham contains sugar and honey; on the other hand, Canadian bacon does not contain them.

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The taste of Canadian bacon and Ham is quite the same, but both types of meat are different as they come from different parts of the pig and have distinct textures. Canadian bacon is the meat which has obtained from the pork loin cut from the back of the animal. On the other hand, ham is the meat which has obtained from the front leg of the swine. However, if you are going to make breakfast so Canadian bacon is the right choice for you! But if you are making dinner for an occasion so you can go with Ham.