Graphics Card vs. Video Card

Graphics Card, Video Card, RAM, Processor are essential parts of the motherboard. Both graphics card and video card helps to generate the visual displays of images and videos on monitor. There is no basic difference between both of them and both are used synonymously. Actually, video card is a different part from the two types of the graphics card, integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card.

What is a Graphics Card?

A graphics card is a hardware component of the motherboard which shows the data graphically after converting it in digital format. It is built in the Graphic Processing Unit, which is located on the motherboard. However, an external graphics card can also be attached to the system. All graphics card are connected through an interface on the motherboard. All the images processed by graphics card are stored into video memory before displaying on the monitor. The better performance of the graphic card depends on large video memory. It two types are integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card.

What is a Video Card?

Video card is also like a graphics card. In fact, both terms are interchangeable. It’s also the main function is to generate and display images on a monitor.  For gaming purpose, video card is suitable to use. More 2D and 3D graphics images and videos are shown by video card. Number of video card can also be increased but generally, they must be of the same model. AMD and Nvidia are the manufacturers of the video card.

Key Differences between Graphics Card and Video Card

  1. Both graphics card and video card are used to perform a display of images and videos. Special about video card is that it is often used for gaming purposes to run high resolution and high dimensions graphics games.
  2. Video card reduces RAM memory because it uses RAM and processor speed to perform well. While dedicated graphics card contains its own RAM and processor so it does not reduce the computer performance.
  3. The extra video card is attached into CPU and motherboard like an integrated graphics card. It is not necessary to attach a dedicated graphics card to the CPU and motherboard. The separate port is available for it through which it makes a link to the motherboard.
  4. The video card is an already built-in video card while the dedicated graphics card is an external graphics card attached to the system
  5. The video card is cheaper than a dedicated graphics card because it is already built in the motherboard and included in the whole system price. While the dedicated graphics card is purchased separately and it is very expensive.
  6. The dedicated graphics card shows high performance and speed than the video card.
  7. A different model of the dedicated graphics card can be attached to the system but in case of the video card, if you want to increase the number of the video card, they generally of be the same model.

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