Glaive Vs Spear

Glaive vs Spear: Which is the Better Weapon?

When it comes to melee weapons, the glaive and the spear are two of the most popular choices. These weapons have been used in warfare for centuries and have remained popular even in modern times. Both weapons are effective in combat but are different in design and application. In this article, we will take a closer look at these weapons and help you decide which one is the better weapon for you.

Glaive: A Deadly Polearm

A glaive is a medieval polearm weapon that resembles a spear with a curved blade at the end. The blade is usually curved in a hook-like shape, allowing the user to hook or slash the opponent’s body. This weapon was popular during the middle ages and was used by foot soldiers to repel cavalry charges.

The glaive is a versatile weapon that can be used for both slash and thrust attacks. Since the blade is curved, it is particularly suited for sweeping and hooking movements that can take your opponents off balance. The hook can also be used to pull your opponents towards you, making them vulnerable to subsequent strikes.

Moreover, the long handle of the glaive provides a good reach and allows the user to attack from a distance. This is particularly useful in close-quarter combat, where the user can stay out of reach of their opponents while still being able to strike effectively.

Spear: A Simple yet Effective Weapon

The spear is a simple yet effective pole weapon used in combat for centuries. The weapon consists of a long pole with a sharp pointed tip at the end. The spear’s design has remained relatively unchanged through the ages, proving it to be an effective weapon in combat.

The spear is a straightforward weapon that can be thrust forward to pierce your opponent. Its simplicity allows for faster strikes and greater accuracy, making it ideal for a one-handed or two-handed stab. Of course, the spear is less effective for slashing attacks since it has no blade.

Moreover, unlike the glaive, the spear can be used for stabbing from a longer distance. The length of the spear can provide a good reach, allowing the user to engage their opponents while staying out of their range. Its simplicity and practicality make it an excellent choice for a range of combat scenarios.

Glaive vs Spear: Which Weapon is Better?

Choosing between the glaive and the spear depends on your personal fighting preference and your fighting style. Both weapons have their advantages and disadvantages. Still, each is ideal for different combat scenarios.

If you prefer melee combat that involves sweeping, hooking or slashing, then the glaive may be the better choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a simpler weapon that can be used for direct stabs or poking, then the spear is the weapon for you.

When it comes to accuracy and speed, the spear holds an advantage. Its simplicity means that you can quickly strike your opponent with precision.

On the other hand, if you need a weapon that can be used for both range and close-quarters combat, the glaive is the better choice. The length and design of the glaive allow the user to strike from afar while still being able to perform close-quarter combat.

Moreover, the glaive’s hook design allows for more versatile attacks, giving you more options in combat.

Which Weapon is Easier to Use?

Both weapons require a certain level of skill to use. However, learning to use the spear is generally easier than mastering the glaive’s techniques.

The spear’s design means that it is generally easier to strike with precision, making it ideal for novice combatants. Since it is a straightforward weapon, it’s easier to learn the basics of handling it.

In contrast, the glaive requires more practice and skill to use effectively. Its curved blade and hook design mean that it needs to be handled with precision to be effective.


To sum up, both the glaive and the spear are excellent melee weapons that have been used in combat for centuries. While each weapon has its advantages, choosing between these two comes down to personal preference.

Whether you choose the glaive or the spear, it’s essential to understand its limitations and advantages so you can use it effectively in combat. With enough practice, you can master either of these weapons and use them to gain an advantage in combat.

In conclusion, it all comes down to your personal preference and your fighting style. Choose the weapon that suits you, and with proper training, you’ll be a formidable warrior in no time.