Full Bed vs. Queen Bed

The key difference between full-size bed and queen size bed is not just a few inches but the difference is in the overall surface area, width, and length.

A few years back, the full-size bed was much popular. But these days, queen size bed is getting popular day by day. Both the full-size bed and queen size bed have some advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your choice, the space in your room, on your budget, and the number of persons using the bed.

A full-size bed is also known as a double bed or some people say it full bed. However, queen-size bed is very dominant in America, it is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than the full bed.

Comparison Chart

Basis   Full Bed Queen Bed
Width 54 inches (137 cm) 60 inches (153 cm)
Length 75 inches (191 cm) 80 inches (203 cm)
Personal width 27 inches (68.6 cm) 30 inches  (76 cm)
Cost A full-size bed and its mattress, bedding, sheets are cheaper than the queen size bed. A queen-size bed and its bedding are more expensive than full size bed.
Uses Small guest rooms, children’s rooms or teenager’s rooms Large guest rooms and master bedrooms.
Size Difference The full-size bed is 5 inches shorter in length and 6 inches narrower than queen size bed The queen-size bed is 5 inches longer in length and 6 inches wider than full size bed

What is Full Bed?

The full-size bed is smaller than the queen-size bed and bigger than the twin bed, it is 54 inches long and 75 inches wider in size. If have a small bedroom, the full-size bed is a good option, it will take less space as compared to queen bed.

A few years ago, the full-size bed was used to be the most popular mattress size for couples, as the smaller master rooms were very common in the houses. If you are going to purchase a bed, it very important to take into consideration the size of your room. The full-size bed can be a perfect choice for a small guest room or a child’s room in the house.

However, after the invention of the queen-size bed which is slightly larger than full-size bed, the full-size bed became very common for children’s rooms. The size of the full bed which is slightly wider than the twin bed, is allowing a parent to enjoy some space with the child on the bed. So, the parent can easily lay with the children to tell them bedtime stories.

The full-size bed can be placed against a wall, it will give you more space around a bed to walk comfortably. It will look great in small rooms; this is the most space-saving option for small rooms.

Full Bed


  • Cheaper in price
  • Occupies less space
  • Perfect for a single person
  • Its accessories are not too heavy and easily available


  • The full bed offers 27 inches of space per person and it is not ideal for couples.
  • Not ideal for taller people

What is Queen Bed?

The queen-size bed is getting popular and dominant day by day. It provides you more legroom, as it is wider than the full bed. The queen-size bed is 60 inches wide, which is 6 inches wider than the full bed and 80 inches or 5 inches longer than the full bed.

It is very important to take into consideration the size of the room or the one who needs it while purchasing queen size bed. Couples may have a more pleasant sleeping experience in queen size bed as compared to full-size bed; it provides 30 inches of space per person.

Queen-size bed is the best option for large master bedrooms; it will look great if placed with their head against the wall and both sides of the bed should have space to move around.

Queen Bed

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of queen size bed.


  • It is good for couples
  • Its accessories are easily available
  • It provides you more legroom


  • It is more expensive
  • Slightly heavier

Key Differences between Full Bed and Queen Bed

  1. The difference between full-size bed and the queen-size bed is a few inches. A full-size bed is slightly smaller than a queen-size bed, the full-size bed is 54 inches (137 cm) wide and 75 inches (191 cm) long. On the other hand, queen-size beds are 60 inches (152cm) in width and 80 inches (203 cm) in length.
  2. Full-size bed is mostly suitable for small guest rooms or children’s rooms. However, queen-size bed may look great in large master bedrooms.
  3. For a single person, full-size bed works pretty well. On the other hand, queen-size beds are more suitable for couples.
  4. Accessories for full-size beds are very common, easily available and affordable. On the other hand, finding the accessories for queen-size bed is going to be a breeze as this is one of the most common purchases.
  5. Full-size beds offer more comfort to parents in the child’s room, when parents find themselves sharing the bed for snuggling to get the child to sleep. However, the queen-size beds are perfect for comfort for couples

Comparison Video


The choice of bed is very personal and depends on the needs and the number of persons sleeping in it and the size of the room. When two persons are sleeping together in a full bed, it will be much more comfortable for a couple to share a queen size bed on a daily basis. Full-size bedrooms are great choice for small guest rooms or child rooms.

The difference between the full-size bed and queen-size bed could be quite considerable, especially if those few inches on top are what you are looking for. Whatever you choose make sure the mattress will be able to move into the appointed bedroom.

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