Forza Horizon Vs Motorsport

Forza Horizon Vs Motorsport – The Ultimate Comparison

Forza is a well-known racing franchise that, for over a decade, has been providing gamers with high-quality racing experiences. With two main installments in the series, Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport, which one reigns supreme? This article will delve into the fundamental differences between the two games, examining their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately providing a verdict on which game is the better racer.


One of the most significant differences between Forza Horizon and Motorsport is the gameplay. While both games are racing games, they offer vastly different experiences.

Forza Horizon is an open-world racing game that lets players roam freely in various locations across the world, from the rocky shores of Australia to the snow-covered mountains of Colorado. The game’s emphasis is on exploration and the thrill of driving in exotic locations. The game has a massive selection of cars, from the most expensive hypercars to old-school muscle cars, each with their unique handling and driving characteristics.

Forza Motorsport, on the other hand, is a more traditional racing game, with a focus on competitive racing. The game features more than 700 cars, each with their unique handling, and dozens of tracks, including several real-world circuits. The game is designed to cater to hardcore racing fans who love the thrill of competition and want to hone their racing skills over time.


Another critical difference between the two games is graphics. Both games are visually stunning, but they have different aesthetics.

Forza Horizon has a more laid-back and relaxed feel, with sun-drenched landscapes, vibrant colours, and a bright, cheerful vibe. The game’s graphics are more about showcasing the beauty of the open world than pushing the boundaries of realism.

Forza Motorsport, on the other hand, has a more serious and authentic feel, with realistic tracks and cars, right down to the tiniest details. The game focuses on realism in its graphics, with photorealistic graphics that put players in the driver’s seat of some of the most iconic and exotic cars in the world.


Both Forza Horizon and Motorsport have robust multiplayer modes, but they approach them differently.

Forza Horizon focuses on online events that take place in the game’s various locations. Players can compete in races against each other, cruise around the open world with friends, or participate in cooperative races against AI opponents.

Forza Motorsport has a more traditional multiplayer experience, with players competing in races against each other online. The game offers various modes, including circuit racing, drift contests, and time trials.


Both games offer customization options, but they are different.

Forza Horizon allows players to customize the appearance of their cars, adding decals, paint jobs, and other cosmetic enhancements. The game also has a robust tuning system that lets players tweak their vehicles’ performance to suit their driving style and the terrain they’ll be racing on.

Forza Motorsport has a similarly deep tuning system but offers a few different customization options. Players can customize their car’s appearance and performance, but also adjust the difficulty of the races they participate in. The game offers various driving assists, such as traction control and stability control, that can be turned on or off to help players customize their experience further.

Online Community

The Forza community is vast and diverse, with players from all over the world coming together to share their love of racing games. The community is active in both Forza Horizon and Motorsport, with players sharing tips and engaging in friendly competition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you play Forza Horizon and Motorsport together online?
A: No, the two games are separate, and players cannot play with each other across games.

Q: Which game is better for beginners?
A: Forza Horizon is better for beginners because it has a more relaxed feel and an open-world that lets them explore before diving into the races.

Q: Which game has better car selection?
A: Both games have an impressive selection of cars, but Forza Motorsport has a more extensive list of cars.


In conclusion, both Forza Horizon and Motorsport are excellent racing games, but they cater to different audiences. Forza Horizon is better suited to gamers who love open-world racing and exploration, while Forza Motorsport is a better fit for hardcore racing enthusiasts. Ultimately, which game is better depends on personal preference, but both are worth checking out.