Fortnite Rarity

Fortnite Rarity: Understanding the Different Categories and What They Mean

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm with its unique gameplay, creative game modes, and appealing cosmetic items. One of the most defining aspects of the game is the rarity system which classifies cosmetic items based on their level of rarity. In this article, we will dive deep into the Fortnite rarity system and explore the different categories of items.

What is Rarity in Fortnite?

Rarity in Fortnite refers to a classification system of cosmetic items that determines their scarcity, value, and level of exclusivity. Cosmetic items in Fortnite are mainly character skins, backblings, gliders, emotes, and other accessories that don’t have any influence on the gameplay. These items are acquired through various methods, including purchasing in-game currency with real currency, completing challenges, and seasonal battle passes.

The main reason for having a rarity system in Fortnite is to give players an indication of the value and potential desirability of certain items. This system helps players make informed decisions about what items to pursue and invest in. Additionally, it creates a sense of exclusivity and prestige for players who own high-level rarity items.

Fortnite Rarity Categories

Fortnite has a total of seven different rarity categories, each with its unique color code and icon. Here are the different rarity categories in Fortnite:

1. Common – Gray (Item Icon)
Common rarity items are the most basic and easily obtainable items in Fortnite. They are typically stock character skins, backblings, and other items that don’t feature any unique design or extra features. You can acquire these items through completing challenges, purchasing with in-game currency or earning them from battle passes.

2. Uncommon – Green (Item Icon)
Uncommon items are a step above common items and are slightly harder to obtain. These items have minor design changes, such as a different color scheme, pattern or a simple extra feature. They can be acquired through completing challenges, purchasing with in-game currency, or earning them from battle passes.

3. Rare – Blue (Item Icon)
Rare items are more scarce and valuable than uncommon items. These items have noticeable unique design changes compared to uncommon items, such as a different character skin, more detailed backblings, or higher-quality animations. Rare items can be earned through completing challenges, purchasing with in-game currency, or earning them from battle passes.

4. Epic – Purple (Item Icon)
Epic items are some of the most desirable cosmetic items in Fortnite. These items feature significant design changes and are typically more detailed and animated than rare items. Epic rarity items can only be earned through completing challenges, purchasing with in-game currency, or earning them from battle passes.

5. Legendary – Gold (Item Icon)
Legendary items are some of the rarest and most valuable cosmetic items in the game. These items feature the most elaborate designs, are highly animated, and usually have unique sound effects. They are incredibly desirable and can only be earned through completing challenges, purchasing with in-game currency, or earning them from battle passes.

6. Mythic – Red (Item Icon)
Mythic items are the newest addition to the Fortnite rarity system. These items are exclusive to certain in-game characters and can only be obtained by defeating specific bosses or completing challenging quests. Mythic rarity items have unique abilities and stats that set them apart from other items. They are incredibly rare and valuable and can greatly enhance a player’s gameplay experience.

7. Marvel – Rainbow (Item Icon)
Marvel items are a special category of items exclusively related to the Marvel Universe. These items feature iconic Marvel characters, such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Marvel rarity items can be obtained through completing challenges related to the Marvel Universe, purchasing them with in-game currency, or earning them through battle passes.

Fortnite Rarity and Their Values

The rarity of an item in Fortnite directly affects its in-game value and perceived rarity. It creates a market where players can buy and sell items based on their rarity categories. Typically, higher rarity items are more expensive than lower ones, and players often pay immense amounts of real-world money to acquire these items.


Fortnite rarity system is an essential part of the game that adds value, exclusivity, and desirability to cosmetic items. It is an excellent way to gauge the worth of an item and create a sense of prestige for players who own scarce items. Understanding the different rarity categories is essential to making informed decisions when buying or selling cosmetics in the game. By knowing the rarity system, players can make strategic choices that benefit their gameplay and collection of Fortnite cosmetics.