Flies By Or Flys By

Flies By or Flys By – Which One is Correct?

When it comes to spelling, there are often words that trip us up. One such instance is the difference between flies by and flys by. Both seem logical and grammatically correct, but which one is actually right? In this article, we will explore the differences and highlight the correct usage of these two phrases.

First, it’s essential to understand that the word flies is a verb, and flys is not a word at all. The correct spelling for the third-person present tense of the verb “fly” is “flies.” Therefore, we can dismiss “flys” as a misspelling entirely. It’s essential to note because this is a common mistake made by many people.

The phrase “flies by” indicates movement or action that occurs quickly or suddenly. For example, you might say, “I watched as the plane flew by overhead.” This phrase refers to the plane’s swift movement, and the correct spelling of the verb is “flies.”

On the other hand, “flys by” might seem like an acceptable alternative to “flies by,” but it is not correct. As previously mentioned, “flys” is not a word. Instead, the correct phrasing would be “flies by.”

In addition to the previous examples, here are a few more examples to help solidify the difference between “flies by” and “flys by.”

Correct Usage:
– The bird quickly flies by the window.
– The racecar zooms past the crowd and flies by.
– The ball flies by the goalkeeper into the net.

Incorrect Usage:
– The helicopter flys by the rooftop.
– The butterfly flys by with its colorful wings.
– The motorcycle flys by at high speed.

The difference between the two phrases may seem subtle, but it’s essential to use the correct spelling to communicate effectively. Using the incorrect spelling could potentially lead to confusion or convey the wrong message.

If you’re looking to optimize your writing for SEO purposes, it’s vital to take note of these small differences in spelling. Correct grammar and spelling can help improve your writing’s readability, giving you extra points in the eyes of Google’s ranking algorithm. For instance, using “flys” instead of “flies” could hurt your ranking, as Google ranks quality writing over poor writing.

Now that you know the difference between “flies by” and “flys by,” let’s take a look at a few simple ways to optimize your SEO with these words.

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As you incorporate these keywords into your article, you can boost your ranking on search engines. Additionally, using these phrases in helpful and informative ways can help to boost engagement from readers, which can also help boost your rankings.

In conclusion, the difference between “flies by” and “flys by” lies in their spelling. “Flys by” is incorrect, and using it could result in confusion or misunderstandings. Remember always to use the correct spelling, “flies,” when you’re talking about sudden or swift movement. By using these correct phrases and other relevant keywords, you can improve your article’s SEO, boost your rankings, and engage your readers.