Fiancé vs. Fiancée
Fiancé vs. Fiancée

In the engagement, the upcoming bride is said to be the fiancée of the future groom. As an outcome, we can say that a fiancée is the woman partner who is in a relationship and engaged to be wedded in the future to the engaged person. The word “fiancée” is derived from the French word ‘fiance’ the meaning of which is a promise. The basis of fiancée has a wide scope as it is based on the Latin word “fidere” which means “to trust.”

Consequently, we can say any woman a fiancée who promises to marry a particular man. This promise is based either on their faith in each other or on the basis of an agreement of a future marriage. The Fiancé is completely opposite of the fiancée in the term of gender. As a result, a man who is engaged to be married is known as fiancé. Every person who is engaged to a particular woman for marriage is called fiancé. Thus, the major difference between the terminologies of fiancé and fiancée is only the gender as the fiancé is the male who is engaged for marriage to a woman and vice versa. In the future, the fiancé will become husband and the fiancée will become a wife.

Definition of Fiancé

The time when agreement of engagement for marring a particular person is established till the time when the actually wedding takes place is responsible for giving the man the status of the fiancé of the woman. Every male is who has got engaged and is going to get married to a female in the future is the fiancé of the female. The status of the fiancé will demolish at the time when the actual marriage takes place.

Fiancé vs. Fiancée
Fiancé vs. Fiancée

This is the situation in which the man still has the position of bachelor but at the same time, entered he has entered into a promising condition called betrothal to marry a lady. It is basically a special stage before the wedding where he is known as a fiancé of the woman to whom he is going to be marriage in the near future. A man can remain the fiancé of a woman for a few hours in situations where the matrimony ceremony takes place on the similar day of commitment to quite a few years particularly when the engagement takes place in the childhood.

Definition of Fiancée

The fiancée is the counterpart of the fiancé. A female is the fiancée of a particular male only in the case when she is in the engagement to that male and in the future, she has decided to marry with him. You can say a lady to the fiancée of a specific man if they are engaged to each other and determined to be married. A girl will become the fiancée of a boy right away from the time of her engagement till the time when the real marriage will occur. The fiancée is therefore, never being a married woman at all. She is even though a bachelor but has a new status of an engaged person to the man. In the nutshell, when a couple becomes engaged, the female is said to be the fiancée of the man until their marriage takes place and they become husband and wife. Thus, the future wife is the fiancée.

Key Differences between Fiancé and Fiancée

  1. The term of the Fiancé is used for the male who has got engaged but is not married yet while the fiancée is also an engaged person and not married up till now but fiancée is female.
  2. The fiancé is the future husband but on the other hand, the fiancée is the future wife.
  3. The male is the fiancé of the female and the female is the fiancée of the male.
  4. The fiancée is engaged to the man and the fiancé is engaged to the female.