Family Day 2023

Family Day 2023: Celebrating Family Bonds

Family Day is a special day that is set aside to celebrate the importance of families. It is a day dedicated to spending quality time with family members, sharing laughter, love and creating lasting memories. In Canada, Family Day is a statutory holiday that falls on the third Monday of February every year. The next Family Day will be celebrated on February 20, 2023.

History of Family Day

Family Day was first observed in Alberta in 1990, following a proposal by then-Premier Don Getty. The idea was to create a day that would recognize the value of families and provide an opportunity for families to spend time together. It was originally called “Alberta Family Day” and was celebrated on the third Monday in February.

Other provinces soon followed suit, with Saskatchewan making it a holiday in 2007, followed by British Columbia in 2011, and Ontario in 2008. In each province, Family Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February.

What is Family Day all about?

Family Day is all about celebrating the importance of family and creating opportunities for families to spend quality time together. It is a day to reflect on the value of family and the role that it plays in our lives. It is also a chance to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices that family members make for each other.

The day is typically celebrated by engaging in fun activities together, such as going on a family outing or enjoying a meal together. It is also a great opportunity to start new family traditions, such as watching a movie or playing games together.


1. Why is Family Day celebrated on a Monday in February?
Family Day is celebrated on a Monday in February because it is a statutory holiday. This means that it is a public holiday that is recognized by the government, and it is intended to provide a day off work for most Canadians.

2. Do all provinces celebrate Family Day?
No, not all provinces celebrate Family Day. Currently, Family Day is celebrated in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island.

3. What are some popular activities to do on Family Day?
Popular activities to do on Family Day include going ice skating, skiing or snowboarding, visiting a museum or art gallery, playing board games or card games, watching a family movie, or just spending time relaxing at home together.

4. Can I celebrate Family Day on a different day than the designated Monday?
While Family Day is typically celebrated on the third Monday in February, it is ultimately up to each family to decide when and how they want to celebrate. Some families may choose to celebrate on a different day to avoid crowds or take advantage of better weather.


1. Family Outing: Take a trip to the local zoo or aquarium, or visit a nearby park for a picnic or barbecue.

2. Family Dinner: Have a potluck dinner or cook your favourite meal together.

3. Game Time: Play board games or card games together, or organize a family tournament for a favourite sport or activity.

4. Movie Night: Watch a family-friendly movie or have a movie marathon with snacks and drinks.

5. Winter Sports: Go skiing or snowboarding together, or hit the ice for some ice-skating at a local rink.

In conclusion, Family Day is an important holiday that celebrates families and the bonds that they share. It is a day to spend quality time together, create lasting memories, and appreciate the importance of family in our lives. Whether it’s a day spent having fun together or just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, Family Day is a chance to strengthen family bonds and build new traditions. So mark your calendars for February 20, 2023, and get ready to celebrate Family Day!