Endoparasites and. Ectoparasites
Endoparasites and. Ectoparasites

The Parasitism is an interesting topic in which an interaction between two organisms is discussed. In this study, one organism that is known as the parasite obtains the benefits from the other which is called the host. It is the host that is harmed. Both of them are commonly known as the Parasites and the hosts. The parasite is commonly known as the endoparasites and the ectoparasites such as the hookworms that are lived inside the body of the other organism identified as hosts. The major differences of the Endoparasites and Ectoparasites will be discussed below in detail. From the term of the parasite, we mean any organism that lives on or in another organism. The other organism is called a host containing the nutrients for the parasite. This is the process from which a food relationship between the host and parasite is recognized as the parasitism. This association is very beneficial for the parasite but is harmful to the host. The relationship between these orgasms is the major cause for several diseases in lots of hosts. Having the parasites on the hosts is not a favorable thing at all as the parasites sometimes able to kill the host. It is a true fact that the both the endoparasites and the ectoparasites have to depend on the hosts for their survival as the parasites don’t have to ability to live alone by their own. The successful parasites do not harm or do lowest level of harm to the hosts as this is the policy from which both of them can survive for a long period of time. The main difference between both of the parasites is very clear as the ectoparasites are those parasites that have to live on the surface of their hosts but on the other hand, the parasites which are within or inside the body of their hosts are called the endoparasites.

What is Endoparasites?

From the two major types of the parasites, the one which has to live within the body of a life form that is commonly known as a host are called the endoparasites or because of their living habits, they can be known as the internal parasites as well. The presence of the endoparasites can be found in lots of different types of phyla either of the animals or the protists. These are the endoparasites which have the ability to live in the shape of the intracellular or extracellular environments inside their host. The term of intracellular parasites describes the living habits of these sorts of parasites because they live inside the cell bodies.

Endoparasites and. Ectoparasites
Endoparasites and. Ectoparasites

The malaria parasite is the best example of the intercellular parasites as they live in the human red blood cells. On the other side, the extracellular parasites have the capability of living in the body tissues of their hosts. The Trichinella is the example of the extracellular parasites seeing that it lives inside the muscle tissue. Another example of the extracellular parasites is the Schistosoma that lives in blood plasma. In most of the situations, these are the intracellular parasites like the protozoa, bacteria, or viruses which have to depend on the third organism, commonly known as the carrier or vector for their survival. You can find the Endoparasites in animals, plants, fungi, and the Protists.

What is Ectoparasites?

You have to check the living habits of the parasites to examine that whether they are the Ectoparasites or not because the parasites which live on the body surface of an organism are known as the external parasites commonly called the Ectoparasites. You are able to find the Ectoparasites in both the plants and animals. The main target of the Ectoparasites is to suck the blood of the living things or take the juices of their hosts for their survival. The Ectoparasites can feed on living tissue as well. The animal Ectoparasites mostly suck the bold of their hosts while the plant Ectoparasites have to rely of the juices. The major examples of the human ectoparasites are the louse, rat flea, ticks, and itch mite. The plant Ectoparasites include the Cuscuta, Mistletoe, Toothwort, the woodrose and the Dactylanthus taylorii. The Ectoparasites can be found in the animals and plants only.

Key Differences between Endoparasites and Ectoparasites

  1. The living style of the Ectoparasites is truly depends on the body surface of the hosts. In contrast, the endoparasites have to live within or inside the body of the hosts for their continued existence.
  2. In most of the situations, the endoparasites are versatile in nature and need to adapt a lot than that of the.
  3. The ectoparasites cause fewer damages to their hosts as compared to the Endoparasites.