Eldian- The Story of a Fabled People

Eldians are considered to be one of the most intriguing and immersive topics in the world of anime, manga, and other forms of entertainment. From Attack on Titan to other science-fiction and fantasy series, the mention of Eldians has become a common thread that links multiple narratives together. However, despite their popularity, Eldians remain shrouded in mystery and lacking proper explanation in most shows. In this article, we will delve into the world of Eldians to better understand why they are such a fascinating topic, what makes them unique, and how their rich lore contributes to the overall success of various storylines.

Overview of Eldian’s Lore

Eldians are typically believed to originate from the fictional country of Marley. This land is characterized by ethnic diversity, and people of different races and religions come together to form a melting pot of cultures. However, the country is also known for its imperialistic tendencies, and the nationals often exploit their power to subjugate surrounding territories.

Eldians are considered to be an integral part of Marley’s history, as they played a significant role in its rise to power. It is believed that Eldians possess special powers, allowing them to transform into Titans, giant, humanoid creatures that are almost impossible to kill. This power is said to have come about through a pact that Eldians made with the devil just over 2,000 years ago.

Despite the incredible gains Marley made with the help of Eldians, the latter were subjected to extreme prejudice and hardship from those in power. Eldians were treated like second-class citizens, and their powers were viewed as something to fear and suppress. With time, the situation for Eldians became so dire that they were forced to pass their powers down through bloodlines, to prevent the government from taking them away.

Eldians in Attack on Titan

The Eldians in Attack on Titan are a primary focus of the story and drive its plot forward. They live within the confines of three walls, the outermost one being Wall Maria, which serves as a physical barrier against Titans. The series is set in a world where Titans roam free, and people can only survive by living within walled cities.

Among the Eldians, a select few possess the power of the Titans, and are known as Titanshifters. Eren Yeager, one of the show’s primary protagonists, is a Titanshifter who possesses the power of the Founding Titan. This power allows him to control other Titans and use them to fight against enemy forces.

However, despite their usefulness in combat, Eldians are viewed as dangerous and are subjected to persecution within the world of Attack on Titan. The government controls their daily lives, and they are often blamed for any military failures or political disputes that arise. Nonetheless, Eldians persist and fight against their oppressors, as their unique abilities make them a force to be reckoned with.

Eldians in Anime and Manga

Eldians are not limited to Attack on Titan alone but are a frequently explored topic in other anime and manga too. For instance, Fullmetal Alchemist has an entire race of people called the Ishvalans, who are oppressed due to their differences in religion and culture. These people are similar to Eldians in that they possess unique abilities, which are viewed as dangerous by others.

Similarly, in Naruto, the Uchiha clan suffers from discrimination and prejudice due to their powerful Sharingan abilities. This parallels the way Eldians are viewed in other series, regardless of their overwhelming utility and potential.

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Eldians are an increasingly popular topic in the anime, manga, and science-fiction community, primarily because of their unique abilities and storied history. Their portrayal in Attack on Titan makes them important driving forces of the story and critical for the development of the series’ characters. Furthermore, they parallel real-world issues such as discrimination, marginalization, and the fight for equality, adding a sense of relatability that helps viewers connect with the story.

Overall, Eldians remain an essential component of Japanese culture and have become a significant topic within the anime and manga community. Their rich lore, unique powers, and struggles for equality have made them an engaging topic for writers and viewers alike.