Easy Ideas to Draw for Beginners

As a kid, I’d spend countless hours with my sketchbook in hand, attempting to be creative and bring my imagination to life on paper.

Sadly, despite my hard and countless efforts, my creations always appeared a little… off. That is until I discovered a few easy ideas to draw that helped me take my skills from zero to hero (well, at least in the eyes of my friends and family).

Top 5 Easy Ideas to Draw

Grab a pencil and/or crayons and join me as we explore the world of easy drawing ideas.

Shapes and Lines

As you start drawing, you must keep things simple. An incredible place to begin is by working on basic/simple lines or shapes. Draw simple shapes like triangles, squares, circles, and ovals. Alternatively, you can work on lines to experiment with various types of strokes.

easy shapes for drawing

Some of the lines you could try include wavy, straight, or curved. You can also try to draw you hand shape and curves.

Animals for Drawing

Another easy idea to draw is animals. This is an incredible way to get started especially with the more complex subjects. Begin with simple animals like cats, fish, and birds. Once you’ve hacked these, you proceed to more intricate animals such as horses or dogs.

animals to draw

It is vital to study the rudimentary animal’s shapes and then add details such as feathers or fur.

Flowers Ideas to Draw

Flower is another easy idea to draw for Beginners. Some of the simple flowers you could try drawing includes daisies, roses, and sunflowers. After that, work on incorporating more compound details such as texture and shading. Drawing flowers is handy at helping you not only understand the significance of line weight but also incorporate some depth in your artwork.

easy flowers to draw


Drawing landscapes is an effective way of developing and enhancing your drawing skills. Begin by practicing basic landscapes, such as a beach scene or mountain range, and then add more and finer details. Landscapes are handy at helping you practice perspective, which is critical in a drawing.

landscapes ideas

Cartoons and Characters

When it comes to cartoons and characters, begin with basic characters such as a smiley face, and then progress to more complex characters such as cartoon animals or superheroes. Drawing cartoons and characters helps you understand body language and facial expressions.

cartoons for drawing

Easy Objects ideas to Draw

Start with simple items such as a cup, lamp, book, or pen. After perfecting that, you can work on more elements, details, and textures. Drawing objects help you appreciate the significance of shadow and light which are a vital aspect of drawing.

simple objects to draw


Drawing is an amusing, entertaining, and rewarding hobby. Any person can enjoy drawing, regardless of age or skill level. With a couple of easy ideas to draw, you can not only improve and elevate your creations but also impress your loved ones.

Whether you’re a professional/experienced artist or a newbie, I hope this guide has inspired and encouraged you to grab some crayons and/or pencils and let your imagination run wild. Regardless of what you choose to draw, there’s no limit to creating something amazing and beautiful – who knows, you’ll surprise yourself with what you can achieve.