Do Nike\’S Run Bigger Than Adidas

When it comes to buying running shoes, one of the most common questions that arise is whether Nike’s run bigger than Adidas. Speaking from experience, it’s essential to make the right decision when investing in footwear, mainly because ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, foot pain, and ultimately hinder performance. Here, we are going to compare Nike and Adidas in terms of how they fit.

Nike Vs. Adidas: General Size Comparison

Nike and Adidas have different sizing systems, and in most cases, Nike’s shoes tend to run smaller than Adidas. For instance, if you wear a size 9 in Nike, and you go up half a size, you will need to purchase a size 9.5 in Adidas. Another significant difference between the two brands is their width. Adidas shoes tend to have a slightly wider fit, while Nike shoes are generally more snug.

However, it’s worth noting that sizing and fit vary from one shoe model to another, even within the same brand. Therefore, it’s always advisable to try on different sizes and models, preferably in the actual store, before making your purchase.

Nike vs. Adidas: Shoe Models Comparison

When comparing Nike and Adidas, there’s no denying that both brands have some exceptional shoe models for runners. But which brand is better? Here’s a side by side comparison of some of their most popular running shoes:

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus vs. Adidas UltraBoost

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is an incredibly versatile shoe, suitable for recreational runs, training sessions, or even competitive races. The shoe features a breathable mesh upper, Zoom Air cushioning, and a rubber outsole for durability. As for the size and fit, the Pegasus tends to run true to size, with enough space for your feet to move around comfortably.

On the other hand, Adidas UltraBoost is a high-performance shoe designed for long runs. The shoe’s most notable feature is the Boost cushioning technology, which provides responsive and energy-returning feedback with every step. In terms of size and fit, the UltraBoost has a snug fit and may require going up half a size than your usual shoe size.

2. Nike Free RN vs. Adidas Solar Glide

Nike Free RN is a lightweight and flexible shoe designed for short runs and daily training. The shoe’s upper is made of a stretchy mesh material that hugs your feet, while the sole features a Nike Free technology that mimics barefoot running. In terms of sizing, the shoe tends to run small, and you may have to go up half a size for a better fit.

Adidas Solar Glide, on the other hand, is a neutral running shoe that offers a smooth and stable ride. It features a cushioned midsole and a Continental rubber outsole for exceptional traction. The shoe has a roomy toe box but may require going up half a size for a better fit.


1. Can you compare Nike and Adidas running shoes in terms of durability?

Both brands offer durable running shoes that can last for several miles. Nike’s shoes feature a mix of rubber and foam materials, while Adidas uses a combination of rubber and Boost foam technology. Ultimately, the durability of your shoe will depend on how often you run and how well you take care of them.

2. What’s the difference between Nike and Adidas sizing for women’s shoes?

Nike women’s shoes tend to run smaller than Adidas, and you may have to go up half a size to get a better fit. However, it’s always advisable to try on different sizes and models, preferably in the actual store, before making your purchase.

3. Should I consider my arch type when buying Nike or Adidas running shoes?

Yes, it’s always advisable to get shoes that match your arch type. Nike and Adidas offer shoes for runners with different arch types, including flat feet, neutral arches, and high arches. Consider getting a shoe that provides the right support and cushioning for your feet.


In conclusion, Nike and Adidas are both reputable brands in the sneaker industry, and they have different sizing and fit systems. While Nike’s shoes tend to run smaller and have a snug fit, Adidas shoes are generally more spacious in the toe box area. It’s essential to try on different sizes and models to get the perfect fit that will keep you comfortable during your runs.