Difference Between Xxl And 1X

When it comes to shopping for clothes, it can be frustrating to find the perfect fit. Especially for those with plus-size bodies, sizing can be a challenge. Two common sizes that are often confused are XXL and 1X. Though they may appear similar, they actually have distinct differences that can affect fit and comfort. In this article, we will explore the differences between XXL and 1X and help you make informed shopping decisions.

What is XXL?

XXL is a size that typically falls under the category of “extended sizes”. In terms of measurements, XXL sizes usually range from 44-46 inches for the chest, 38-40 inches for the waist, and 44-46 inches for the hips. These sizes can vary slightly depending on the brand and style of clothing. XXL is considered to be a larger size and is often associated with men’s clothing or unisex styles.

What is 1X?

1X is also a size that falls under the extended sizes category, but it is often used in women’s clothing. 1X typically ranges from 16-18 in traditional women’s clothing sizes. In terms of measurements, 1X usually fits a chest size of 44 inches, a waist size of 38 inches, and a hip size of 46 inches. Again, these sizes can vary depending on the brand and style of clothing.

What are the Differences Between XXL and 1X?

The main difference between XXL and 1X is the gender association. XXL is often associated with men’s clothing or unisex styles, whereas 1X is usually associated with women’s clothing. Additionally, 1X tends to have a more feminine cut with tailored waistlines and curved seams to fit the body. XXL, on the other hand, often has a more straight and boxy cut that is designed to fit a larger frame.

Another difference between XXL and 1X is the availability of styles. XXL sizes are often limited in clothing options, especially in trendy or fashionable styles. In contrast, 1X sizes have become more prevalent in recent years and are often found in a broader range of styles and designs.

Fit is also a significant difference between XXL and 1X. XXL is designed to fit a larger frame and can often be too roomy or baggy for those who fall between sizes. 1X is tailored to fit a curvier figure, which means it is likely to be more comfortable and flattering for individuals who carry weight in different places.

Which Size is Right for Me?

Choosing between XXL and 1X ultimately depends on your body type and the style you prefer. If you are looking for a more tailored and feminine fit, 1X may be the better option. If you prefer a more relaxed and unisex style, XXL may be the way to go. It is essential to note that sizing can vary by brand, so always check the size chart and reviews before purchasing.


Q: Can I wear XXL if I am a woman?

A: Yes, you can wear XXL regardless of your gender. However, the cut and style of XXL clothing may be more masculine, so consider your personal preferences when choosing.

Q: Can I wear 1X if I am a man?

A: It is uncommon to see men wearing 1X unless they have a very curvy figure. 1X is primarily designed for women’s clothing with a feminine cut.

Q: How do I determine the right size for me?

A: Always check the size chart provided by the brand before purchasing. Additionally, read the reviews to see if other customers have encountered sizing issues.


In conclusion, XXL and 1X are both extended sizes that fall under the plus-size category. However, they have distinct differences, including gender association, cut, and availability of styles. Choosing the right size depends on your body type and personal preferences. Always check the size chart and reviews before making a purchase to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit.