Difference Between Smackdown And Raw

Smackdown and Raw are two of the most popular wrestling shows in the world. They are both produced by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). However, they have their unique features, differences, and similarities. In this article, we’ll look at the difference between Smackdown and Raw.

Raw and Smackdown are weekly WWE matches that take place on Mondays and Fridays, respectively. Raw was created back in 1993 while Smackdown was produced in 1999. While both shows are primarily for entertainment purposes, they differ in various aspects.

WWE set up Smackdown as an alternative to Raw due to the need to produce a separate show for wrestlers. Smackdown was also set up to showcase different storylines and matchups, without having to rely on the same wrestlers for both shows. Raw has a longer history than Smackdown and is seen by many as the flagship wrestling event in which major storylines and rivalries are fully developed.

One of the major differences between Smackdown and Raw is the presentation of the shows. Raw typically has a lively atmosphere due to its status as the flagship wrestling event. It features a more traditional presentation style of hardcore wrestling that mainly relies on storylines and in-ring performances. On the other hand, Smackdown has a more relaxed and fun presentation with a more family-friendly look and feel. It often includes a mix of wrestling and skits that are designed to engage the audiences.

There is also a difference in the presentation of the championships between Smackdown and Raw. Raw typically has the WWE world heavyweight championship, while Smackdown has the WWE Intercontinental championship. The world heavyweight championship is seen as the most prestigious championship in WWE history, while the Intercontinental championship is positioned as the secondary championship.

Another difference between Smackdown and Raw is the focus on certain performers. Raw is typically the show where WWE introduces new wrestlers to the audiences, and showcases different storylines and rivalries. Wrestlers who perform well on Raw typically earn title shots, which are unavailable on Smackdown. This is because Smackdown is positioned as a show where established wrestlers get to perform more often. It is also the platform where WWE focuses on developing newer wrestlers so that they can feature on Raw in the future.

There is also a difference in the management of the shows. Raw is usually managed by WWE’s head of creative, who is tasked with developing storylines, rivalries, and identifying rising stars. Smackdown is managed by a general manager who is responsible for scheduling matches, engaging audiences, and managing storylines. Raw, therefore, is seen to be more business-like while Smackdown is more fun and engaging, making it suitable for younger audiences.

Another major difference between Smackdown and Raw is the stage it’s performed on. Smackdown is usually performed on a smaller stage, which is designed to keep the action closer to the audience. Raw, on the other hand, is typically performed on a larger stage with screens and other production features designed to showcase the event to a larger audience. This means that Smackdown typically features a more intimate setup, which allows audiences to be closer to the action, while Raw has a more grandeur setup designed to put the event on a larger scale.

In conclusion, both WWE Smackdown and Raw are unique shows that showcase different storylines, matchups, and rivalries. They are both entertaining to watch and have their unique features, differences, and similarities. While Raw is seen as the flagship wrestling event that showcases the larger storylines, Smackdown is positioned as an alternative show that mainly focuses on established performers and takes a more fun and engaging approach. Knowing the difference between Smackdown and Raw can help fans appreciate the unique features of each show, and help them choose which one to watch depending on their preferences.

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