Difference Between \’S And S

When it comes to the English language, there are many elements that can be confusing for non-native speakers or those who are still learning. One of those elements is the difference between using ‘s and s. While to many it may seem like a minor difference or a matter of personal preference, it is actually significantly important and can alter the meaning of a sentence. In this article, we will explore the difference between ‘s and s, their usage, and some examples of how they can be used in a sentence.

The Basics of ‘s and s:
Before delving deep into the usage and differences between the two, it’s important to understand what ‘s and s are. ‘s is a contraction of two words- “is” or “has” while s is the possessive form of a noun or a pronoun that shows ownership.

‘s Usage:
When ‘s is added to a noun or a pronoun, it indicates a contraction of “is” or “has”. For example, “Samantha’s going to the beach” is a sentence in which ‘s is used as a contraction to indicate “Samantha is going to the beach” or “Samantha has gone to the beach.”


– He’s coming to the party. (He is coming)
– She’s finished her homework. (She has finished)
– My friend’s dog is adorable. (My friend has a dog)

In some cases, ‘s can be used to indicate ownership but only for singular nouns or pronouns. For instance, “Anne’s car is red” signifies that the car belongs to Anne.


– Jack’s pen was stolen. (The pen belongs to Jack)
– The baby’s toy is missing. (The toy belongs to the baby)

S Usage:
S is used to showcase possession or ownership of a noun or a pronoun. A noun or a pronoun that ends with the letter “s” can be followed by an apostrophe or just an apostrophe added at the end of the word.


– The boys’ bikes were left outside. (The bikes belong to boys)
– The cat’s whiskers are twitching. (The whiskers belong to the cat.)
– The dress’ color is pink. (The dress possesses the color pink.)

As shown in the examples above, s can be added after a word that ends with the letter ‘s’ or an apostrophe is used after the word. Both forms are acceptable and may depend on the author or the writing style guide used.

The Difference Between ‘s and s:
The main difference between ‘s and s is that ‘s is used to indicate contraction while s shows possession or ownership. In simpler words, ‘s signifies a verb while s is used to indicate possession.

To remember the difference between the two, it’s important to note that ‘s can never be used after a plural noun, and it doesn’t indicate ownership with regular nouns. On the other hand, the s is used to indicate ownership with singular and plural nouns.


– The student’s notebooks were scattered on the floor. (The notebooks belong to the student)
– The teachers’ laptops were left in the classroom. (The laptops belong to the teachers)
– The cats’ food bowl is empty. (The cat’s bowl belongs to the cats)

In the above examples, ‘s would not be appropriate as there are multiple students, teachers, and cats. The apostrophe with s indicates the plural possession.

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As a writer, one must have a strong understanding of the English language and its elements to communicate effectively. This article has explored the difference between ‘s and s, showcasing the importance of understanding the usage and purpose of each. ‘s is used to indicate a contraction of verbs while s is used to present ownership or possession of nouns and pronouns. While both can appear similar, it is crucial to use the correct form to convey clear and concise meaning. By understanding the differences between ‘s and s, writers can avoid possible confusion and errors in their work.