Difference Between Raw And Smackdown

The WWE Universe is divided between two of the biggest wrestling shows in the world, Raw and Smackdown. Both shows have a unique style and identity that sets them apart from one another. However, for a new fan or a casual viewer, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. In this article, we will break down the differences between Raw and Smackdown and help you understand what makes them distinct from one another.


Raw is the flagship show of WWE, taking place on Monday nights. It is known for its edgy content and has been the platform for some of the most defining moments in wrestling history. Raw is the place where the biggest storylines and rivalries are started and developed.

One of the most significant differences between Raw and Smackdown is the length of the show. Raw is a three-hour program, while Smackdown runs for two hours. This gives Raw more time to showcase their talent and elaborate storylines. Raw is also known for its unpredictability, which makes it a must-watch for dedicated fans.

The superstars on Raw are some of the biggest names in wrestling today. Current stars like Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, Charlotte Flair, and Drew McIntyre regularly feature on Raw. Since Raw is the flagship show, it receives the most significant investment from the WWE. Hence, Raw has better production values and sets than Smackdown.

Raw has had some of the most iconic moments in WWE history, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin’s beer truck incident and The Rock’s “This is your life” segment. These moments have become a part of pop culture and are still talked about today.


Smackdown is WWE’s second-longest weekly program, airing on Fridays. It is known for its fast-paced action and storylines that cater to a more family-friendly audience. Smackdown features a blend of young talents and established wrestlers.

Smackdown is a two-hour show, which makes it more accessible for casual and new fans. The show has a reputation for being tightly produced, with the WWE focusing on making every moment count. One of the unique features of Smackdown is its “Talking Smack” show, which airs after the show, and gives fans an insight into the superstars’ lives.

The wrestlers that feature on Smackdown might not be as big as the ones on Raw, but they are still incredibly talented. Smackdown is known for giving new wrestlers a platform to shine, and hence it is where the WWE often introduces new talent to the fans.

The recent influx of talent from NXT has given Smackdown a shot in the arm. Superstars such as Finn Balor, Bayley, and Bianca Belair have made their way to Smackdown and have been making waves in the show.

Which show is better?

The choice between Raw and Smackdown ultimately depends on what type of wrestling fan you are. If you are looking for an edgy show with larger-than-life characters and unpredictable storylines, Raw is the show for you. If you prefer a tightly produced program with a focus on action, Smackdown is the show you should be watching.

Both shows have their pros and cons. Raw is the flagship show, and hence it has bigger storylines and top talents. However, its three-hour runtime can be intimidating for casual fans. Smackdown, on the other hand, has a more accessible runtime and is known for showcasing new talent. However, it might not have the same production value as Raw.


In conclusion, Raw and Smackdown are two of the biggest wrestling shows in the world. They have their unique style and identity, which sets them apart from one another. Raw is the flagship show with a focus on edgy content and larger-than-life characters, while Smackdown is known for tightly produced shows with a focus on action and introducing new talent. The choice between the two shows ultimately depends on what type of wrestling fan you are.