Difference Between Pokemon Black And Black 2

When it comes to the Pokemon series, game enthusiasts have always been wondering what’s the difference between Pokemon Black and Black 2. Both of these games are the fifth generation of Pokemon games and were developed by Game Freak. They are part of the same series and follow the same basic storylines. However, there are some key differences between the two which makes each one of them unique. This article will cover those differences in detail, and also explain which game is better and why.

Firstly, let’s talk about the storyline of both games, the story of Pokemon Black follows the adventure of a trainer who sets out on a journey through the Unova region. He aims to become the champion of the region while also stopping the evil plans of Team Plasma. Black 2 takes place two years after the events of Pokemon Black. It follows a new protagonist who sets out on a similar journey through the Unova region. However, the storyline takes a different approach this time, as the focus of the game shifts to the aftermath of Team Plasma’s defeat in Pokemon Black.

One of the most significant differences between Pokemon Black and Black 2 is the availability of Pokemon. In the first game, only first-generation Pokemon are available until players beat the Elite Four. However, in Black 2, players have access to over 300 Pokemon right from the start. This is because Black 2 takes place two years after the events of Pokemon Black, and players can catch up with the Pokemon introduced in the fourth generation. This gives players more options while playing the game and makes it a better experience.

Another significant difference between Pokemon Black and Black 2 is the introduction of new features in the latter game. For example, a new feature called the Pokemon World Tournament has been introduced in Black 2. This facility allows players to battle against the champions of previous Pokemon games, such as Red, Blue, and Lance. Also, another feature called the Memory Link has been added in Black 2. This feature allows players to link their playthrough with Pokemon Black and enjoy some bonus features.

Apart from that, there are some cosmetic changes in the game as well. The graphics in Black 2 are slightly better than the first game. The game environment has been updated, and the Pokemon look more realistic than in the first game. Also, trainer battles have been improved, and new NPC characters have been added, making the game more interactive.

Now comes the question, which game is better? It ultimately depends on personal preference, but if we were to compare the two games, Black 2 seems to be the winner. It has more features, more Pokemon available right from the start, and updated graphics – making it the better choice for fans looking for a better and improved gaming experience. Above all, it offers players a fresh experience even though it’s a sequel to the first game.

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In conclusion, Pokemon Black and Black 2 are two fantastic games with different storylines, available Pokemon, and new features. While both games have similar elements, including graphics, characters, and the Unova region, Black 2 offers an improved, fresh experience for those who are looking for more. As a game enthusiast, I advise trying both games out to figure out which one you like the most. And if you are new to the Pokemon series, then start with Pokemon Black 2, as it is the better choice for a beginner.