Difference Between Attack And Special Attack

When it comes to the world of Pokemon battles, there are two types of attacks; Attack and Special Attack. While both of these attacks are essential to be successful in battles, they have different strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will discuss the difference between attack and special attack and how they affect a Pokémon’s battle performance.


Attack is the most crucial stat in the physical damage-dealing category. It measures the Pokémon’s physical strength and ability to deal damage. When a Pokemon with high attack value uses a physical move, the attack stat multiplies with move’s base power to calculate the total damage inflicted.

There are three types of physical moves: Normal, Fighting, and flying. A high attack Pokémon would be a great choice for using these types of moves. With higher attack stats, these Pokemon can deal maximum damage.

However, high Attack stat also leads to a disadvantage. Some moves can miss when a Pokemon has high attack value, such as Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, and other “accuracy-based” status moves.

Special Attack:

Special Attack is the counterpart to the attack stat, which measures the Pokémon’s ability to unleash special powers. When a Pokemon with high special attack uses a special move (moves that deal damage using elemental types or other special abilities), the special attack value multiplies with move’s base power to calculate the total damage inflicted.

There are three types of special moves: Fire, Psychic, and Water. Pokemon with high special attack stats are more apt to harbor these types of moves in their arsenal. Unlike regular physical moves, special moves never miss, making them a preferred choice in most cases.

However, high Special Attack stat shares the same disadvantage as high Attack status, where moves such as Thunder Wave or Will-O-Wisp can still miss.

Choosing Between Attack And Special Attack:

When it comes to choosing between attack and special attack stats, there are a few things to consider. It is relatively easy to choose between Attack and Special Attack when a Pokemon is tailored to an individual playstyle or specific moveset.

If you have a Pokemon that you want to adjust your playstyle, you should consider increasing the Attack stat. Pokemon that specialize in physical moves such as Machamp, Hitmonchan and Tyranitar have higher attack stats, making them ideal for heavy-duty battles.

Alternatively, if you have a Pokemon with moves that deal elemental damage, heavy special abilities or other unique attributes, then high Special Attack stat is preferable. Pokemon like Alakazam and Mewtwo, which tend to have lower attack, perform tremendously well when they are augmented with high Special stats.

In Conclusion:

In summary, Attack and Special Attack stats are essential factors to consider when building a strong Pokémon battle team. A high Attack stat Pokémon can deal damage with physical moves with heavy base power, whereas a high Special Attack stat Pokémon can unleash specials like fire, psychic or water damage.

As you consider your battle strategy, keep in mind that the type of game you are playing, the particular movesets of the Pokemon you want to choose, as well as other factors like speed, abilities, and nature.

By understanding the difference between Attack and Special Attack, you can build a well-rounded strategy that includes a Pokemon team that can deliver a balance of physical and special damage to win your battles quickly and with great success.