David Banner Or Bruce Banner

David Banner Vs. Bruce Banner

The name Banner is synonymous with the iconic comic book character who transforms into the Hulk. However, there are two characters who go by the name of Banner, David Banner and Bruce Banner. These two characters have vastly different character arcs and storylines, even though they share the same last name. In this article, we will delve into the differences between David Banner and Bruce Banner.

David Banner

David Banner is the father of Bruce Banner and was first introduced in the 1977 television series titled “The Incredible Hulk.” David Banner is portrayed as a scientist who has been experimenting with gamma radiation. His failure in a particular experiment to enhance human strength is what leads to the birth of the Hulk. In this iteration, David Banner is only seen in several episodes and is portrayed as a villain who is hunting the Hulk in order to further his research into gamma radiation.

David Banner’s character and his relationship with Bruce Banner differs greatly from the comic book series on which the television series is based. In the comics, David Banner does not exist, and Bruce Banner’s father is named Brian Banner. Brian Banner was an abusive father who, in an attempt to terminate Bruce’s mother, caused her death. It was also implied that Brian Banner’s abuse towards Bruce as a child caused him to develop dissociative identity disorder, which led to the creation of the Hulk.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner, on the other hand, is the main character and the alter ego of the Hulk in the comic book series. In this iteration, Banner is a genius scientist who is exposed to gamma radiation after saving a young man from an experimental bomb. This exposure leads to the creation of the Hulk, a monstrous alter ego that emerges whenever Banner experiences intense emotional stress.

Bruce Banner’s character is characterized by his struggle with controlling the Hulk, a character that is seen as both a savior and a threat to humanity. Banner spends most of his time trying to find a cure for his affliction, as he tries to find a way to control the creature within him. In this iteration, Banner is also able to harness the power of the Hulk to perform feats of strength and intelligence not otherwise attainable.

What Sets Them Apart

One of the most significant differences between the two characters is the role that they play in their respective stories. Bruce Banner is the protagonist who struggles with controlling his alter ego, while David Banner is portrayed as a villain who is hunting the Hulk. In the comic book series, Brian Banner, Bruce’s father, plays the role that David Banner plays in the television series. This means that the two characters are distinct, even though they are both named Banner.

Another difference is the motivations behind the characters. David Banner is portrayed as an immoral scientist seeking to further his research, while Bruce Banner seeks to control his alter ego and find a cure for his affliction. The difference in their motivations makes them appear to be on the opposite sides of the same coin. One seeks to unleash the Hulk and embrace its power, while the other seeks to cure himself of it.

Bruce Banner is also characterized by his intelligence, a trait that sets him apart from the Hulk. Banner is portrayed as one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe, with a level of intelligence rivaled only by Tony Stark (Iron Man). David Banner, on the other hand, is not characterized as an intelligent scientist. Instead, he is portrayed as someone who is willing to go to great lengths in furthering his research, even if it means committing immoral acts.


1. Were the Banners always portrayed as scientists in the comic books?

No. In the early issues of the comic book series, Bruce Banner was portrayed as a physicist, while later issues portrayed him as a biochemist. David Banner was created for the television series and was portrayed as a scientist throughout the show’s run.

2. Is there a connection between the two characters beyond their last name?

No. The characters were created independently of each other and were only connected by their last name in the television series.

3. Were there any crossovers in the comic book series?

Yes. There have been several comic book crossover events that have featured both the Hulk and David Banner. However, the two characters’ main storylines have remained separate.


David Banner and Bruce Banner may share the same last name, but their character arcs and storylines are vastly different. David Banner is portrayed as a villain seeking to further his research, while Bruce Banner is portrayed as a genius scientist seeking to control his alter ego. Despite these differences, both characters remain integral to the mythos of the Hulk, and their impact on the character has remained to this day.