Dark Souls Vs Bloodborne

Dark Souls and Bloodborne are two critically acclaimed action role-playing games developed by FromSoftware. Both of these games have developed a cult since their release, captivating players all over the globe. In this article, we will compare these two games and explore what sets them apart from each other.

Dark Souls is the earlier game, with its first iteration seeing daylight in 2011. It is known for its intense, challenging gameplay, complex storylines, and the sheer amount of content it offers. The game is set in a dark fantasy universe reminiscent of the medieval ages. The game takes place in the realm of Lordran, where the player character is an undead warrior who must traverse the land and fight various bosses to complete the game’s primary objectives.

Bloodborne, on the other hand, followed in 2015, creating another hit among the players. The game features a horror-esque environment, filled with grotesque creatures, and a distinct Victorian era setting. The player character is a hunter who must find the source of the plague that has hit the city of Yharnam. The game shares various mechanics with Dark Souls but has its unique setting, combat mechanics, and story.

Let’s explore the similarities and differences that make these games unique.


The two games are similar in many ways. The combat mechanics of both games are similar, involving tactics such as dodging, parrying, and dodging. The player characters in both games use both magic and melee weapons like swords, spears, and bows to complete their quests. The games share similar progression mechanics in which the player character must explore the world, defeat bosses, and acquire new gear and abilities to progress through the game.

The two games also share similar AI and enemy behavior. The bosses in both games are challenging and require careful strategizing to defeat. Regular enemies can be just as challenging and require quick reflexes and careful timing to overcome. Both games are excellent examples of brutal gameplay, which can only be mastered with practice.


While the two games have plenty in common, their differences make each game unique. Bloodborne’s setting is quite different from Dark Souls, as it is set in a Gothic city with a Lovecraftian twist. The player character in Bloodborne is a hunter, while the player character in Dark Souls is an undead warrior. The weapons systems in both games are different, with Bloodborne focusing on faster weapons like cleavers, while Dark Souls features a variety of weapons, including swords, bows, and spears.

Dark Souls has an open-world structure, while Bloodborne is somewhat more linear, with a more focused and straightforward storyline. The combat in Bloodborne emphasizes quick reflexes, while Dark Souls emphasizes careful timing, patience, and strategic positioning.

The two games’ stories are also different, with Bloodborne’s story being more straightforward, and Dark Souls’ story being more complex and convoluted, requiring a more substantial investment to understand fully.

Bloodborne has one additional feature that is absent in Dark Souls, and that is the ability to rally. Rally refers to the ability to regain health by attacking the enemy immediately after taking a hit. Rally encourages more aggressive playstyle compared to Dark Souls, which encourages more defensive and cautious playstyle.


1. Which game is more challenging, Bloodborne or Dark Souls?

Both games are equally challenging, though players’ opinions may vary depending on their playstyle, experience, and preferred settings.

2. Which game should I play first, Dark Souls or Bloodborne?

If you are new to FromSoftware’s games, we recommend starting with Dark Souls as it is more straightforward and easier to understand. Once you have a handle on the mechanics, you can delve into Bloodborne’s more complicated systems.

3. Which game has better graphics?

Both games have excellent graphics, but Bloodborne’s Gothic architecture, Lovecraftian themes, and Victorian aesthetics are more unique and memorable than Dark Souls’ medieval setting.

4. Which game has better combat mechanics?

Both games feature challenging, skill-based combat systems, but Bloodborne’s faster-paced combat and ability to rally make it more accessible and enjoyable for some players.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Dark Souls and Bloodborne are both excellent games that have helped revolutionize the action RPG genre. While they share many similarities, their differences are what make each title unique and worth playing. Whether you prefer the medieval setting and more strategic gameplay of Dark Souls or the Gothic, Lovecraftian setting and faster-paced combat of Bloodborne, both games are sure to captivate players looking for a challenging and rewarding experience.