Dabbing Someone Up

Dabbing someone up is a unique and popular way of greeting and showing someone respect. It involves a series of hand gestures, with a specific sequence and a distinct motion. Dabbing someone up is also known as “dapping,” “giving dap,” or “pounding it.”

Dabbing someone up has its roots in African-American culture and has spread to various communities and cultures worldwide. It’s a way of expressing camaraderie, mutual respect, and appreciation. Over the years, the handshake has been gradually phased out, especially among younger people, and replaced with more intricate and complex handshakes, such as dapping.

The traditional handshake, which is a symbol of trust and agreement, has been around for centuries. It’s a gesture of mutual respect and is perceived as a professional and polite way of greeting. However, there is no denying the fact that handshakes have become boring and outdated.

Dabbing someone up has become the new handshake, especially among young people, as it offers a more casual and relaxed way of greeting while still expressing respect and appreciation.

The process of dapping can include different moves, depending on the situation, the people involved, and the relationship between them. It often starts with a fist bump, followed by a series of hand movements, such as slapping, snapping, and other variations. The sequence of these moves can vary, and there is no standard way of performing them.

One of the most common variations of dapping is the “Exploding Fist Bump.” This move involves two people bumping their fists together and then extending their arms out while opening their hands, as if an explosion had just occurred. This move carries the most meaning when done at the end of a long and intense conversation or event.

Another variation is the “Slide and Glide.” This involves sliding one’s hand down the other person’s arm and then back up, followed by interlocking fingers and gliding them outward. This move expresses a sense of intimacy and friendship.

The “Wind It Up” is another variation that involves winding up one’s arm and using the momentum to slap the other person’s hand. This move is often used in celebrations or occasions when people are feeling particularly joyful.

There are many other variations of dapping, and new ones can be created at any time. However, it’s important to note that dapping is not just about the physical act of hand gestures. It’s also about the message and emotions behind it.

When people dap each other up, they are communicating their mutual respect, appreciation, and friendship. It’s a way of acknowledging and celebrating each other’s presence in their lives. Even though the physical movements may seem simple, the underlying meaning and significance are profound.


1. Who can I dap up?
Anyone can dap up anyone, regardless of their race, gender, or religion. It’s a gesture that transcends all boundaries and brings people together.

2. Is dapping appropriate in all situations?
Dapping is appropriate in most situations, particularly informal ones. However, it’s important to be mindful of the context and people involved. For instance, dapping may not be appropriate in a professional setting or when meeting someone for the first time.

3. How do I initiate a dap?
You can initiate a dap by extending your fist or hand towards the other person and waiting for them to respond. You can also say something like, “Yo, let’s dap up.”

4. Do I have to follow a specific sequence?
There is no specific sequence for dapping. However, it’s encouraged to be creative and come up with your moves that feel genuine and authentic.

5. What if I don’t know how to dap?
If you don’t know how to dap, don’t worry. You can ask someone to teach you, or you can watch and learn from others. It’s not a difficult thing to do and will come naturally once you get the hang of it.

In conclusion, dapping someone up is not just a physical act but also a symbol of respect, appreciation, and friendship. It’s a way of connecting with others on a deeper level and celebrating each other’s presence in our lives. Dapping up is a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and is here to stay as a fun way of showing camaraderie among people.