Dabbing Handshake

Dabbing Handshake: The New Trend of Greeting

In today’s digitized world, where everything seems to be a click away and a tap on your screen, old traditions and customs become scarce. But the Dabbing Handshake has risen as the new trend to greet people. This article will give you an insight into the Dabbing Handshake, its origin, and how to do it correctly.

Origin of Dabbing Handshake

The Dabbing Handshake can trace its origins back to the United States in the 90s. It first appeared in the hip hop culture and gained popularity among the younger generation. It involves a combination of the Dab and a handshake, which has become a new trend and a more casual way to greet people.

Why Dabbing Handshake is gaining popularity

Dabbing Handshake is gaining popularity among young people, especially in sports and music culture, because it adds a funky twist to the traditional handshake. Moreover, it reflects the present generation’s vibe, which is more casual, trendy and represents their interests.

The younger generation is also more expressive in their greetings, and the Dabbing Handshake allows for flexibility and creativity. It also brings a sense of belongingness and unity among people with similar interests.

How to Do the Dabbing Handshake

Now that we have discussed the origin and the popularity of the Dabbing Handshake let’s dive into how to perform it correctly.

1. Preparing for the Dabbing Handshake

Before you initiate the dabbing handshake, you must approach the person you will be greeting with confidence and enthusiasm. Make eye contact with the person, and let your body language express your enthusiasm.

2. Get into Position

Stand in front of the person about an arm’s length away. You will now position your dominant elbow up and make a 90-degree angle-shaped with your forearm. Your non-dominant hand should rest on your hip.

3. Execute the Dab

You should execute the Dab by tucking your head into the elbow of your dominant arm and simultaneously extend the hand of the non-dominant arm. Make sure the hand does not reach the other person’s face, as it could cause an accident.

4. Shake Hands

After executing the dab, proceed to shake the person’s hand with your non-dominant hand. The duration of the handshake depends on the nature of the meeting, but it’s advised to keep it brief.

5. Release the Grip

After shaking hands, release the grip gently and take a step back. This will give room for the person to perform their dab, especially if they were not aware of the dabbing Handshake.

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Dabbing Handshake is the new trend that has taken over traditional ways of greetings. It is an expression of individualism, creativity and a symbol of unity among people with shared interests. With the appropriate approach and execution, Dabbing Handshake can add a touch of funkiness to a traditional handshake whilst still maintaining professionalism. So, do not be left out of the trend and try out the Dabbing Handshake today.