Cockroach vs. Beetle
Cockroach vs. Beetle

The Beetles are basically an enormous group of insects because till time, the scientist have discovered more than 400000 species related to Beetle group. Various sorts of beetles feed on different types of foods. A larval of the beetle will be completely different from its adult when you look both of them at the same time. An insect will never be a beetle if you observe that it has an outer pair of wings that are hardened into “elytra”, the main purpose of which is to protect the flying wings which are present under them. Beetles are come under the order of Coleoptera. The Coleopetera is the term which means the shield wings. But on the other hand, if your observed insect has the hard, shell-like wings then it is aid to be a beetle.

On the contrary, the Cockroaches and the termites are come in the order of Blattodea while the meaning of Blatta is roach. The species which can be characterized as cockroaches are not more than 5000 till today. As the species under the definition of cockroach are undergo unfinished metamorphosis, that’s why a baby roach looks just like the adult one and the only difference that you will observe is the small size of the baby cockroaches and no wing. An adult cockroach is well furnished with two pairs of wings.  The top pair of wing that is known as “tegmina” will come in front of you in the shape of leather or paper that will never as hard as a beetle wing. You can say an insect is a roach in the case when its head is nearly invisible whenever you look it from the top. It is the ability of the cockroaches to be hided their heads under their enlarged “pronotum” which protect their other parts of body.

What is Cockroach?

The cockroaches are known to be a highly branched out group of insects because it has more than 4,500 species. The classification of the roaches comes under the order of Blattodea. Even though you will find a total of 8 families of cockroaches so far, but only four species are taken into consideration. There are around 30 species of cockroaches are living around the human environments full of humans. It is the most importance feature of the cockroaches that they are capable of withstanding the mass extinctions easily. In other words, the cockroaches are surviving by bearing most of the heavy mass extinctions which are taken place on the Earth.

Cockroach vs. Beetle
Cockroach vs. Beetle

The species belong to the cockroach family have very early history as they come into existence 354 million years ago when the Carboniferous period was ruling. As compared to other sorts of insects, the cockroaches are relatively large and you can find a cockroach with the size of 30 millimeters as well. The largest sized cockroach is known as the Australian giant burrow cockroach that as about a 9 centimeter long body. The cockroaches have the dorso-ventrally flattened body and the size of their heads is small. The cockroaches have the unique types of mouthparts which help them to eat any kind of food so everything that can be called a food item can be eaten by them. The eyes of the cockroaches are large and compound in nature with two antennas long in size. Despite their outer appearance, the other parts of the body are not hard.  Their legs and claws are twisted to cater protection and other functions. Cockroaches are famous as the food destroyers. Numerous types of human diseases can be cured by using cockroaches like asthma.

What is Beetle?

Beetles are very large in number insects and you can find more than 400,000 species under the beetle family. Over 40% of the total number of insects is known as beetle and 25% of all known life forms are said to be beetle. The Beetle comes in the order of Coleoptera and their survival abilities are marvelous because they are able to live in almost every sort of ecosystem excluding the Polar Regions and sea areas. The wild ecosystems are liked by the beetles for living and hence, human habitations are free of them. They contain a tough body and the hardened fore-wings known as elytra together with the thorax, and head. Their built is hard because of the several self-protective plates known as sclerites. Since the beetles are predatory insects, therefore they have the mouthparts which are designed as pincers in order to feed on preys. In order to become an adult Beetle, the beetles have to transfer from egg to larva then pupa. As the predators of other insects, you can say that the beetles are the friends of humans.

Key Differences between Cockroach and Beetle

  1. The body size of the cockroaches is relatively larger than Beetles.
  2. The cockroaches are considerably less diversified than beetles when you compare the numbers of species of both the groups.
  3. Dissimilar to beetles, Cockroaches undergo partial metamorphosis.
  4. Unlike the cockroaches, the body of the beetles is not dorso-ventrally flattened.
  5. The cockroaches have less hard body as compared to beetles.
  6. The beetles are specialized feeders for carnivorous diets while the Cockroaches are generalists in this case.
  7. The presence of Cockroaches is annoying as they are not friendly with the humans while beetles kill other insects and said to be friends of humans.