Chinese Shoe Sizing


China has a rich shoe industry with a variety of styles and designs at affordable prices. The shoes are popular among locals and exported to other countries, including the United States. However, shoe sizing is a common challenge for buyers. The Chinese shoe sizes are different from those in the US, and it’s crucial to understand the differences to choose the right fit. This article discusses Chinese shoe sizing, compares them to US sizing, and provides frequently asked questions.

Chinese Shoe Sizing

Chinese shoe sizing is measured in millimeters, unlike the United States that uses inches. The measurement is taken from the heel to the tip of the longest toe. The sizes start from 210mm to 305mm for women’s shoes and 245mm to 285mm for men’s shoes. Children’s sizes start from 120mm to 205mm.

The sizing is designated by numbers, and the conversion into US sizes depends on the brand’s chart. Some shoes may use size charts that are larger or smaller than their actual size. Therefore, it’s important to check the chart before purchasing a shoe. There is also variation within Chinese sizing charts as different brands may have slightly different measurements for each shoe size.

Comparison of Chinese and US Shoe Sizes

Chinese and US shoe sizes differ significantly, and it’s important to understand the difference to avoid buying shoes either too small or too big. The table below compares the Chinese and US sizes.

|Chinese Size | US Size (Women) | US Size (Men)|
| 34 | 4 | – |
| 35 | 4.5 | – |
| 36 | 5.5 | 4 |
| 37 | 6.5 | 5 |
| 38 | 7.5 | 6 |
| 39 | 8.5 | 7 |
| 40 | 9 | 7.5 |
| 41 | 10 | 8.5 |
| 42 | 11 | 9 |
| 43 | 11.5 | 10 |
| 44 | 12.5 | 11 |

For example, if you wear a US women’s size 8.5, you should consider purchasing a size 39 in Chinese sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese Shoes Sizing

1. Can I rely on US shoe size when purchasing Chinese shoes online?
No, it’s important to convert the US shoe size into the Chinese size using a size chart from the brand or seller. This is because Chinese sizing charts vary among different manufacturers.

2. How do I measure my foot to determine the right shoe size?
Measure your foot from the heel to the tip of the longest toe using a ruler or tape measure. Convert the measurement to millimeters to compare with the Chinese size chart.

3. Are Chinese shoes smaller than US shoes?
Chinese shoe sizes run smaller than US sizes. Therefore, it’s important to convert US shoe size to the Chinese size chart.

4. Can you return shoes that don’t fit?
Most Chinese stores accept returns, but it’s crucial to check their return policy before purchasing. Some sellers may not offer return options for international purchases.

5. Are Chinese shoes good quality?
The quality of Chinese shoes depends on the manufacturer. Different brands have different quality standards, and it’s crucial to research the brand and read reviews before purchasing.


Chinese shoes are popular worldwide due to their affordability and style. However, purchasing the right fit can be a daunting task due to the differences in sizing. Understanding the Chinese shoe sizing chart and comparing it to US sizes is crucial in ensuring that you purchase the right size. It’s also important to research the brand and read reviews before purchasing to ensure that you receive good-quality shoes.