Ch-46 Vs Ch-47

When it comes to military helicopters, the CH-46 and CH-47 stand out as some of the most recognisable and influential machines ever built. As both helicopters have been used extensively by the United States military, they have a lot of similarities, but also important differences. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the two helicopters, compare them and explore some frequently asked questions about both.

The CH-46 Sea Knight

The CH-46 Sea Knight is a medium-lift, tandem-rotor transport helicopter designed by Boeing Vertol Company. First introduced in 1964, the helicopter has been one of the backbone machines of the US Marine Corps aviation for over five decades. The CH-46 is known for its unique tandem rotor system, which provides excellent stability and lifting capabilities. The helicopter is capable of carrying up to 25 fully equipped troops or up to 6,000 pounds of cargo.

The CH-46 has proven to be a versatile and reliable machine, able to perform a wide range of missions, including troop transportation, logistics support, medical evacuation, and search-and-rescue operations. The helicopter has seen action in numerous conflicts around the world, including the Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. According to military experts, the CH-46’s tandem rotor system makes it incredibly manoeuvrable, allowing pilots to fly in challenging operational conditions such as tight landing zones or rough seas.

However, the CH-46 is also an ageing helicopter, and the US military is planning to replace it with newer models in the coming years.

The CH-47 Chinook

The CH-47 Chinook is a heavy-lift, tandem-rotor transport helicopter developed by Boeing Helicopters. The prototype of the helicopter first flew in 1961, and since then, it has become one of the most recognised symbols of the US military. The CH-47 is known for its incredible lifting capabilities, able to carry up to 28,000 pounds of cargo or up to 55 fully equipped troops.

The Chinook has also proven incredibly versatile, being able to perform a wide range of missions. The helicopter is often used in logistics support, troop transportation, disaster relief, and search-and-rescue operations. The CH-47 can also be fitted with additional equipment for medical evacuation missions.

As with the CH-46, the CH-47 has seen action in numerous conflicts around the world, including the Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq War, and War in Afghanistan. Its lifting capabilities make it ideal for moving heavy equipment or rapidly deploying troops to remote locations.

One of the most significant differences between the CH-46 and CH-47 is their size. The CH-47 is larger, with a rotor diameter of 60 feet, compared to the CH-46’s rotor diameter of 51 feet. The Chinook is also heavier, with a maximum takeoff weight of over 50,000 pounds, compared to the CH-46’s maximum takeoff weight of 24,300 pounds.

Another key difference between the two helicopters is their missions. The CH-46 is designed as a medium-lift transport helicopter, while the CH-47 is a heavy-lift helicopter. The Chinook’s lifting capabilities give it a different range and character of missions, and it has been an essential part of the US military for over five decades.


Q: How much does a CH-46 helicopter cost?

Ans: The precise cost of a CH-46 varies depending on several factors, such as age, condition, and level of customisation. However, new models of the CH-46 typically cost around $27 million.

Q: Why is the CH-46 being replaced?

Ans: The CH-46 is an ageing helicopter, with the newest models being built in the 1970s. As the helicopter ages, the cost of maintaining it becomes more expensive, and its capabilities start to lag behind modern machines. Therefore, the US military is planning to replace the CH-46 with newer models that are more advanced and have better lifting capabilities.

Q: How many people can a CH-47 Chinook transport at once?

Ans: The CH-47 can carry up to 55 fully equipped troops.

Q: What is the maximum weight a CH-47 Chinook can lift?

Ans: The CH-47 can carry up to 28,000 pounds of cargo.

Q: How fast can a CH-46 helicopter fly?

Ans: The CH-46 has a top speed of 166 mph.

Q: What is the range of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter?

Ans: The range of the CH-47 depends on many factors such as terrain and the weight of the cargo. However, in ideal conditions, the helicopter can fly up to 400 nautical miles without refuelling.

In conclusion, both the CH-46 and CH-47 are iconic helicopters that have played a significant role in US military operations. While they share many similarities, such as their tandem rotor systems, they also differ in size, lifting capabilities and mission types. The CH-46 is a medium-lift transport helicopter designed for a range of missions, while the CH-47 is a heavy-lift helicopter capable of carrying a significant amount of cargo. While the CH-46 is being replaced with modern, more advanced machines, both helicopters have made impressive contributions to aviation and will always be remembered.